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  • 2.5 Proposed Architectures For Sdn In SDN Case Study

    2.5 Proposed Architectures for SDN in WSN The novel idea of exploiting OpenFlow technology to address reliability issues in sensor networks was presented by (Arif Mahmud and Rahim Rahmani, 2011) at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Network Technology while the first architectural proposal was presented by (Luo et al., 2012) in the form of Software Defined Wireless Sensor Network (SD-WSN). Up until now, very limited research work is carried out in this area. Some of the notable, proposed architectures for using SDN in WSN are: • Software Defined Wireless Sensor Network (SD-WSN) • TinySDN • Service-centric networking for URban-scale Feedback Systems (SURF) • Software Defined Networking in WIreless Sensor nEtworks (SDN-WISE) 2.5.1 Software Defined Wireless Sensor Network (SD-WSN) Figure 5: SD-WSN Architecture (Luo, Tan, and Quek, 2012) Software Defined Wireless Sensor Network (SD-WSN) presents the first effort to combine Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). (Luo et al., 2012) state that the aim of their design was to tackle the problems of resource underutilisation, counter-productivity, rigidity in policy changes, and network management in WSN. The fundamental assumption made by the OpenFlow protocol is that the underlying network is composed of highly sophisticated networking devices. While on the other side, the WSN networks are composed of devices with low power and specifications. As OpenFlow was primarily…

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  • Nuclear War Dbq Analysis

    two atomic bombs were used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. The atomic bombs power would leave a pile of corpses and rubbles in its wake. If the Soviets and the United States were to go to war and use nuclear weaponry, the effects of the attack would be far greater since both countries had numerous nuclear weapons. Also the Soviet Union would rather not use nuclear weapons in war against America since they had a smaller amount of nuclear weapons in comparison to America…

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  • New Mexico Case

    agency, to PNM for the erection of overhead distribution facilities. This article does not apply to sub-transmission or transmission lines. Q. Is PNM required to request a variance from this ordinance? A. No. It is not. In fact, in a letter dated February 23, 2006 to PNM from Mr. James M. Palenick, CRR City Administrator, the CRR issued a blanket denial of any variance requests for overhead construction where PNM’s sole justification is based on a lower cost of installation, see…

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  • Memory Performance

    during a stressful situation would be different than accessing it during normal conditions. Consequently, unexpected recall participants will recall significantly fewer words than the expected recall participants. Despite the fact that the range of stress intensity can vary significantly and several factors can affect memory performance, this study will concentrate on two factors: the time of the stress, and the information retrieval process performance under stress. Methods Participants…

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