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  • Drum Brake Persuasive Speech

    “spoon” brakes. Today we use ABS, air brakes, drum brakes, disk brakes, and they are even coming out with full contact disc brakes. But those are still a work in progress and it will be a few years until we see those on any type of vehicle. So in the world of brakes who is the best? Well sit back and get comfortable because, we are about to let you decide that for yourself. In 1885 a up and coming inventor, Karl Bentz, started to work and produce the first idea’s of a vehicle. With the test vehicle…

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  • Car Care Month Narrative

    up old 4 door 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air that was just sitting down in the woods behind their house. It wasn't very easy on the eyes, and the back window was missing. His dad said I could have it for $100. That was the day that changed my life forever. I saved up for a couple of weeks then went and laid down that $100 like I was a big shot car buyer. The car started and was even drivable, but his father insisted that he drive it back over to my house because the brakes were somewhat shoddy. He…

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  • Transportation Is Dangerous Essay

    As some people say technology has advanced transportation in a great matter of time. From walking or having a wagon to driverless cars or normal cars. But other people say that transportation is dangerous and unsafe. What’s the problem about saying that transportation is dangerous? People won’t use transportation when they need it. They won’t understand that it is easy to use, fast, and safe. Transportation can help many people go home faster and easier than before. Instead of taking 351 hours…

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  • Auto Insurance Research Paper

    Shift the car into neutral. If the vehicle has a manual transmission, remember to depress the clutch to shift gears. If successful, steer the vehicle to the nearest shoulder or safe place. The engine will still race, and you will have both power steering and brakes, meaning neutral is the best solution if possible. 5. If you are unable to shift into neutral, turn off the engine with the key, but do NOT remove the key or the steering will lock with no control at all. Turning off the key is a last…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Wheel Alignment

    Symptoms & Solutions How do driving conditions affect my vehicle’s wheel alignment? Bad driving conditions such as poorly maintained roads, streets full of potholes, and hitting debris on the freeway can all greatly affect your alignment. Even the slightest change in the angle of your tires’ alignment can wear out tires or cause uneven tire wear. This is why it’s important to have your alignment inspected about every 6,000 miles. This will ensure your money and your tires go further. Have…

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  • Changing A Flat Tire Essay

    how to change it? Many people do not know how to change a flat tire, majority are teens. Are you prepared? What tools are you going to need? The best method for changing a flat tire includes various steps. First, be prepared for this situation. You never know when you will experience a tire going flat. According to DMV.ORG, the tools you will need are a lug wrench, a spare tire, a tire wedge, a flashlight, and a jack. These tools should always be in your car, and they are mandatory for changing…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Windshield Replacement

    A car's windshield can be an essential security gadget. Not only does it take care of the driver and passengers from wind, dust and flying particles, but specially-made auto glass raises the power belonging to the front within the vehicle. Sad to say, even with the comparative strength of auto glass, hurt can nevertheless appear; if a car or truck is traveling at 70 miles per hour, even the littlest stone flying from the air can result in a chip or a crack. It is a issue simply because any harm…

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  • Pros And Cons Of A Towing Company

    If you have ever met car problems in the middle of the road you know that it is very scary. When you are having a major road problem a tow truck company can only help you in the best way. The sad thing is that most of the people don't have any idea about a towing company. They don't even know when they should call the company. If you are a regular traveller here are some of the most obvious reasons why you should look for a tow truck company. A Major Collision No matter whether you are a good…

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  • Driverless Cars Should Be Used In Everyday Life

    Whether or not driverless cars should be used in everyday life. Although the idea of driverless cars is amazing, This theory is flawed and has room for mistakes. Driverless cars have some benefits as well as some cons. The world could change dramatically from this decision whether it’s good or not. The Pros of this Idea The idea of driverless cars is good in theory, For example, People can get to work faster using computerized strategies and routes for…

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  • Out Of Alignment Research Paper

    hat do you really know about tire alignment? Being out of it, it means your tires are hitting the road at unfavorable angles. Ideally you want them to be perfectly perpendicular to the road surface. Having a vehicle out of alignment causes uneven and rapid wear... costing you more money. Signs You Need an Alignment The question is, how do you know if your car is out of alignment? Below are a few ways to tell if this has happened to your vehicle. • You may feel your car is "pulling" to one…

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