Radiation therapy

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  • Radiation Therapy

    Knowing how it works, and what your going to expect calms most peoples fears. Chemotherapy gives the patients a feeling of control over their Cancer. Radiation therapy is using high-energy particles to destroy or damage the Cancer cells. Radiation therapy is the most common Cancer treatment. It can be used by itself to with other treatment types. Hyperthermia is using heat to treat the Cancer. This method has been used for a long time but never had constant results. Since the knowledge of medicine has grew, doctors are now able to have a more precise heat delivery. Blood transfusions are used to replace blood to the Cancer patients body when they can not produce its own or they have lost too much (Treatment). When going through Cancer treatments know how to get in touch with the doctor. Family members may want to talk to members of the patients health care team. This can aid them in getting answers for their questions. Knowing how…

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  • Essay On Radiation Therapy

    receiving radiation therapy for patients that have cancer. Radiation therapy is also known as radiation oncology. Radiation is a form of energy that happens naturally, it can be controlled to use more intentionally. Radiation is a tool for medical treatment, radiation therapy is the most common type of treatment used for cancer. Radiation can be given as a curative modality, either alone or in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and other…

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  • Radiation Therapy Essay

    • Radiation therapy: (in stage II, III &IV) Radiation therapy destroys cancer cells. It is used when colon cancer has attached to an internal organ so the surgeon cannot be sure if all the cancer has been removed or not for that, radiation therapy will be used to kill the cancer cells that haven’t been removed. In addition, it will be used to treat colon cancer if it metastasized. Radiation therapy helps in preventing cancer recurrence. Also it’s used before the surgery to shrink the tumor. They…

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  • The Three Types Of Radiation Therapy

    the leading forms of treatment uses radiation to target the genetic material within those cancerous cells. Radiation therapy uses high energy beams, such as x-rays, gamma rays and charged particles, to damage the DNA to the extent where the cell will either die or stop dividing (“Radiation…

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  • Career Paper: Radiation Therapy

    Emily Foster February 16, 2015 Radiation therapists are an integral part of the oncology team. Along with using radiation to destroy cancer or other diseases, they offer compassion and faith to people fighting. Radiation therapy would be an extremely fulfilling career choice. Radiation therapists are able to begin the process of recovery for many people. The one on one connection with patients combined with the impact a radiation therapist has on their life will inspire me on a daily basis to…

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  • Personal Narrative: Radiation Therapy

    been a Radiation therapist for seventeen years when my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. I knew all too well what the next year or so would be like. His lung cancer had spread to his mediastinal lymph nodes, designating his disease as stage three of four. He did not have a favorable prognosis. I knew we would treat him aggressively in hope of a cure, but the reality was that the numbers were against him and he would eventually succumb to his disease. Both of my parents had smoked…

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  • Benefits Of Radiation Therapy

    I n 1898, the radioactive elements Radium and Polonium were found by Marie and Pierre Curie. Thus the concept of treating cancers was born. The Curie’s work on radiation led to the possibility of cancer treatment, but also provided a better understanding of the atom. That is that an atom has a nucleus at its centre with surrounding energy shells which consist of negatively charged electrons. The electron was discovered in 1897 by J.J. Tomson, and was the first proved element of the atom. The…

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  • The Benefits Of Radiation Therapy

    Radiation Therapy is a word many people with cancer hear on a weekly basis (need better introduction sentence). Radiation Therapy is used as a cancer treatment for more than half of the people diagnosed with cancer (1). Radiation therapy is used to destroy cancer cells but it can also damage healthy cells and tissues which causes side effects. We often hear how effective radiation therapy is as a treatment for many types of cancer but we usually do not hear about the side effects many patients…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Radiation Therapy

    The second type of treatment is radiation therapy. But, radiation can cause and destroy cancer. Doctors administer radiation in several different ways. Sometimes, they inject it into the bloodstream, where it circulates throughout the body, finding the cancer and destroying it. In other cases, they implant radioactive capsules directly into the tumor. The most common form of radiation therapy is machine radiation, which focuses a small beam of radiation directly at the tumor. Radiation therapy…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: Radiation Therapy

    I was first introduced to radiation therapy by going to my mother’s cancer treatments. Her therapist was one of the most empathetic and compassionate people she received care from. The therapist telling me about her job and seeing it help my mom was the spark that ignited my passion to become a radiation therapist. Since my initial introduction to radiation therapy I have researched the profession, schools and been on several job shadows. I was an observer at several healthcare facilities…

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