Radiation Therapy Essay

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• Radiation therapy: (in stage II, III &IV)
Radiation therapy destroys cancer cells. It is used when colon cancer has attached to an internal organ so the surgeon cannot be sure if all the cancer has been removed or not for that, radiation therapy will be used to kill the cancer cells that haven’t been removed. In addition, it will be used to treat colon cancer if it metastasized. Radiation therapy helps in preventing cancer recurrence. Also it’s used before the surgery to shrink the tumor. They also use it in advanced stages of cancer to decrease the symptoms such as, pain.
- External-beam radiation therapy: (most often used). It is done by using a machine placed outside the body. The procedure is painless and it only lasts few minutes.
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EGFR targeted drugs:
They attack the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). It helps cancer cells to grow.
Side effects:
-skin problems -headache -tiredness -fever -diarrhea.

• Complementary and alternative therapies:
Alternative treatments: this means it is used instead of medical treatment. Theses methods are not safe or effective. The biggest danger in them is that they Delays the medical treatments so the cancer may grow.
Complementary methods: this means treatments used with medical treatment. They do not cure cancer. They only help the person to feel better for example acupuncture to relieve pain, meditation to reduce stress, peppermint tea to relieve nausea and exercise. • Immunotherapy
• Stem cell transplant:
Healthy blood-forming stem cells will be injected through the vein. The stem cells will travel to the bone marrow.
Stem cell transplants do not work against cancer directly. They help in recovering the ability to produce stem cells after

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