Radiation therapy

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  • Advanced Disease: FIGO III-IV Case Study

    chemotherapy and, actually, is reasonable to expect a 5-year survival for 10-30% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer at stage III or IV (34). The concept of primary debulking surgery is to diminish the residual tumor burden to a point at which adjuvant therapy will be optimally effective. The percentage of patients with advanced ovarian cancer who can optimally undergo cytoreductive surgery seems to range from 17%-87% (35), depending on the report reviewed. This percentage can largely depend…

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  • Chemotherapy Desensitization Case Study

    Nursing Care Under Chemotherapy Desensitization Cancer itself is a difficult situation. The cure for cancer hasn’t still been discovered. It attacks the body in various parts and unfamiliar ways. Not only that it affects the person that has cancer, it also affects the people that surround that person. Some people have survived cancer and this is because there are treatments being developed to help cancer patients in battling their illness. The article, “Nursing Care of Patients Undergoing…

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  • Busulfan Case Study

    Busulfan is anticancer drug caused variety of adverse effects for cancer patients. It’s used to treatment of chronic leukaemia but it could cause damage to the male reproductive system as one of its adverse effects. This study aim to investigate the effect of L-carnitine and L-arginine on semen quality, oxidative stress parameters, caspase3 and testes cell energy after busulfan treatment. Materials and Methods: thirty-two adult male rats were divided into four groups. Group I (Control)…

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  • What Are The Evils Of The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks

    vivid and made pictures in your head. The image that stuck with me was during Henrietta’s autopsy one woman said that it looked like her body had been filled with little pearls. Another one was when it talked about her skin being charred from the radiation treatments. I found it interesting yet also disgusting that a human being could put another human being through things like that. This…

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  • Outline For Opioids Essay

    10 Thesis / Research Question: Are opioids a beneficial treatment option for cancer patients? I. Introduction: Interesting opening remarks to grab the reader?s attention: quote, short story, startling statistics Thesis: What question are you exploring in this paper and why is it important to research? What is the answer to your thesis question (Are opioids a beneficial treatment option for cancer patients?)? II. Uses of opioids in cancer treatment What opioids are commonly used for cancer…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Chemotherapy

    problem with radiation is that both normal and cancerous cell are killed. The people who administer the radiation carefully control the doses so the normal cells have a chance to recover while cancerous cells do not recover from the assault. Radiation causes side-effecting such as scarring the tissue of normal cells, but it also tries to destroy remaining cancer cells. The radiation team uses X-rays and CT scans to help target the area where the radiation is needed. The radiation oncologist…

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  • Jim Valvano's Speech Analysis

    Cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the United States and one of three major medical problems internationally (Siegel 7). Constant donations and charity raising events are brought to the public eye in hopes to one day find a cure. In 1993, ESPN developed an award called the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to commemorate someone who demonstrates courage and do things to transcend their sporting careers. In the first year of its existence, ESPN awarded this award to Jim Valvano at the…

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  • Prostate Cancer Informative Speech

    No one believes that they will actually get prostate cancer. In the best of all worlds, no one would, but unfortunately over a million males across the world are diagnosed each and every year. The best way to effectively deal with an issue is to be informed about it, so we're here to dispel some common myths that surround the issue. Number Seven: Prostate Cancer Only Happens to Old Men It's true that the majority of victims of this disease are older men, but there's a decent amount of people…

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  • Augustus Water Monologue

    About a three months have gone by since Augustus Water’s prefuneral. He is ok. He is prepared to die but I am not. He is strong and I am going to make sure that he doesn’t let the cancer conquer him. He’s alive, and I am too. … Today I went with Gus to get check out by his doctor. I was really moved by what I heard. “The tumor in his chest in decreasing. Your medication is exterminating some of the cancer cells. I am going to keep prescribing…

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  • Evidence-Based Evaluation/Screening Tool

    The study found that it took an average of 2 minutes to completed and found in real time that medical oncology patients had the highest percent of positive screens prior to therapy, while post hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients had the highest percentage during treatment for depression (Fann, et. al, 2009). The results of this study concluded that “The PHQ-9 administered on a touch screen computer is feasible and…

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