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  • Siriusxm Porter's 5 Forces Analysis

    within the areas of rivalry, barriers to entry, bargaining powers of suppliers and buyers, and the threat of substitutes. For SiriusXM to remain competitive within the radio broadcast industry, they must carefully monitor and address each of these forces. Rivalry Intensity – (Strong). Rivalry within the radio broadcast industry is a strong force, as many options are available to consumers. Whether it is online/streaming or terrestrial broadcasting, large competitors such as, iheart media, Cumulus Meida, and Pandora put significant pressure on SiriusXM do to their free program offerings and basic device support requirements. Barriers to Entry – (Strong). Whether one is looking to enter the terrestrial, satellite, or even online radio broadcast industry, many barriers to entry exist, making this a strong force of competition. The primary barrier to entry is centered on obtaining broadcast licensing from the FCC; which is not accepting applications for new broadcast stations at the present time. The second biggest barrier is the cost of infrastructure, such as, radio frequency towers, satellites, repeater networks, and broadcast…

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  • My Passions: The Emergence Of Modern Media Technology

    listened to through CDs, cassettes and the radio. My mother Raj, a woman who grew up in the 60s, recalls, “during [her] childhood much of the music that [she] was exposed to came from the radio (Tewathia, 2014).” Today, I am able to access millions of songs from thousands of artists all at the convenience of a super computer I keep in my pocket, while my mother had to tune in and listen to whatever content was being funneled through the limited radio stations she could…

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  • Migrant Media Analysis

    Kosnick was interested in the impact of representation and what having a voice means in contemporary Berlin. In hopes of studying these in detail, she knew she had to change her etic lens and see her subject from another perspective. Striving to observe the differences between different Berlin-broadcasted radio stations, Kosnick began working as a journalist for one of them in the early 90s; the name of this station was Radio Multikulti. Her work experience here instantly brings value and…

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  • Deregulation, Privatization And Transformation Of Media In New Zealand

    however radio is an important one to be discussed, along with the negative impacts it has brought through the transformations. The transformations include deregulation, privatization and commercialization. It is important to consider how these transformations have then in turn negatively affected the media’s ability to function as a public sphere. The public sphere is a space where individuals can come together and freely voice their opinions about any kind of societal issue (Hope, 2012).…

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  • How Does Radio Affect Society

    the invention of radio has caused the most impact for society as it provided society with easier communication and later on entertainment alongside with access to information. Guliemlo Maroni the Italian man who is credited as the inventor of radio. Marconi read a biography from Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist who proved the theory of electromagnetic waves to which Marconi used his experiment by sending transmissions from one side of the room to the other. Marconi took his idea to the Italian…

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  • Media Censorship

    In 1970, the FCC adopted its prohibition of cross-media ownership between FM radio stations and television stations within the same market. The FCC under the Nixon Administration prohibited newspaper cross ownership of radio or television stations (Yanich, 2014). When the Commission adopted the rule, it grandfathered newspaper/broadcast combinations in many markets, forcing dispossession only in highly concentrated markets. As a result, approximately seventy grandfathered newspaper/broadcast…

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  • Media And The Media On Immigration

    The reading for this week declared accurate data of how the media (newspapers articles and television stations) can control and manipulate salience and how it impacts the general public on immigration as a whole. I did appreciate the article speaking of the reasons why the media uses only certain data or stories to release. The media has studied Americans and knows what will encourage them to watch the news or read their articles. The news media is the gatekeeper to what the public hears…

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  • Essay On Rural America

    different time. People living in these areas were exposed to broadcast media far less than the people from the urban areas, and people from rural areas did not really take part in the shared culture. But due to the radio the situation completely changed. The Radio connected rural America to urban America in this culture…

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  • What Is The Role Of The Radio In The 1920's

    Tuning Into the Radio The radio is an electronic device that has entertained millions of people since the first official broadcast in the 1920’s. The radio has affected many people in positive ways since then. It has had nine decades to advance into what we know as the radio today. People have enjoyed listening to artist, musicians, comedians, and sports entertainment for decades. The use of the radio has evolved from the 1920’s to modern day through communication, design and Technology.…

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  • The Similarities And Differences To Wifi And Wi-Fi

    comparing Li-Fi and Wi-Fi considering various aspects. LI-FI is a visible light technology to achieve high speed wireless communication by using visible light to transfer data. It acquired this name due to its similarity to WI-FI which utilizes radio waves for transfer of data. WI-FI is great for extensive wireless coverage in buildings but has severe limitations for high density wireless information coverage in limited space and has radio waves interference issues; While Li-Fi greatly…

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