Radiation therapy

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  • Prostate Cancer Informative Speech

    No one believes that they will actually get prostate cancer. In the best of all worlds, no one would, but unfortunately over a million males across the world are diagnosed each and every year. The best way to effectively deal with an issue is to be informed about it, so we're here to dispel some common myths that surround the issue. Number Seven: Prostate Cancer Only Happens to Old Men It's true that the majority of victims of this disease are older men, but there's a decent amount of people…

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  • Augustus Water Monologue

    About a three months have gone by since Augustus Water’s prefuneral. He is ok. He is prepared to die but I am not. He is strong and I am going to make sure that he doesn’t let the cancer conquer him. He’s alive, and I am too. … Today I went with Gus to get check out by his doctor. I was really moved by what I heard. “The tumor in his chest in decreasing. Your medication is exterminating some of the cancer cells. I am going to keep prescribing…

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  • Evidence-Based Evaluation/Screening Tool

    The study found that it took an average of 2 minutes to completed and found in real time that medical oncology patients had the highest percent of positive screens prior to therapy, while post hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients had the highest percentage during treatment for depression (Fann, et. al, 2009). The results of this study concluded that “The PHQ-9 administered on a touch screen computer is feasible and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Painful Chemotherapy And Radiation Therapy

    " I choose to die rather than receiving this painful chemotherapy or radiation therapy?" These are words of my one of the close relatives who was healthy and happy before he started showing symptoms of deadly cancer(last stage). His family was trying their hard to keep the head of their family alive and happy by providing better treatments, consulting the doctor, buying expensive medicine and taking care. I saw his family shedding their tears and praying to God every day. Those treatments are…

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  • Heartland Cancer Center: A Case Study

    beam radiation therapy services using the most advanced equipment and techniques for both cancerous and benign conditions. External beam (NCI, 2015) radiation therapy involves delivering a high-energy x-ray beam produced by a linear accelerator. The beam is a patient specific customized treatment field that takes into account the size and shape of the tumor. By customizing the treatment field allows us to better spare normal surrounding tissue and organs. We offer advanced radiation therapy…

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  • Essay On Radiotherapy

    is growing in popularity. Radiotherapy treatment is normally used in cancer patients, with the most common type known as external beam therapy. This name evolved because the treatment consists of a beam of radiation that comes from a very sophisticated machine. The beam is focused on the part of the body that contains the tumor, and the largest amount of radiation possible is used to kill the cancer cells. Radiotherapy is very hard on the body. The treatments are short in duration, no more than…

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  • Therac-25 Radiation Treatment

    specialized in manufacturing machines which provided radiation therapy to cancer patients. This machine accomplished this by emitting a beam of electrons or x-rays to the cancerous area. This amount of radiation interferes with the cancerous tissue’s ability to grow by disabling the genetic material in the cell. However, since cancerous cells are not the only cells in the body that grow very quickly, skin and hair cells may also become affected by this radiation by causing the hair to fall out…

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  • Breast Cancer Detection Lab Report

    BREAST CANCER DETECTION BY T-SHAPED SLOTTED RECTANGULAR MICROSTRIP PATCH ANTENNA Abstract This Paper shows the great achievement in the breast cancer detection by microwave imaging ,in this paper firstly the T-Shaped Slotted RMPA is designed for ISM band Application at 2.45 GHz and resonated at particular frequency by iterations on the simulation software and very low losses is shown on particular exact frequency is 32.2dB ,after that The Breast Phantom model with cancer tissues and RMPA…

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  • Stretch Marks Research Paper

    Stretch marks are the result of sudden weight changes such as those that occur in pregnancy. These ugly marks are actually scars under the top layer of skin that are also called striae. These scars are the result of rapid growth of the tissue while the skin hasn't grown as quickly. The skin ends up with small ridges that the body repairs with new skin growth that become scars. These may begin as dark purplish marks that eventually turn a silvery color. The skin also has a different consistency…

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  • How To Write An Informative Speech On Skin Cancer

    Skin Cancer Today, I am going to tell you about skin cancer. I chose this disease because I’m always warned about the effects of not wearing sunscreen or using a tanning bed. They always say “You could get skin cancer” or something to that nature so I decided to research this disease to see the causes myself. Skin cancer is caused when ultraviolet rays damage the skin cells. This can appear anywhere on the body but is most common on the skin. Those that have low pigmentation in the skin such as…

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