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  • Ideology

    Its source, meaning and application varies from individual to individual and its not define by a single ideology. One of the reasons radicalization represent such an issue today is because of the easy access to information, the developments in mass media and modern electronic technology have served as an easy medium for radicalization to occur. For example, the Internet provides a powerful and accessible tool for radical ideologies to be shared and reinforced amongst large audiences, making access the key ingredient that forms the environment for that idea to sink and fester. Clearly the presence of such conditions do not entail that every individual with access to the Internet will become radicalized, but the its presence allows for swift movements of people and ideas with no mean to disseminate which ideologies have validity. We live in the world of everyman many ideas and there is no real authority of regulation for such…

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  • Essay On Radicalization

    The Radicalization of Youth and Affiliation with Isis Radicalization is the process by which individuals are introduced to an overtly ideological message and belief system that encourages a shift in mainstream beliefs to extreme views (PNSCI 2011). Radicalization has been around for ages take for instance in the Bible we read instances were prophets are killed for believing in Jesus. Radical groups such as Isis and Al Qaeda have made it their purgative to appeal to westerners and instill in…

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  • Radicalization In Psychology

    Although researchers have made several forays into the radicalization process that focuses on religious ideology as a central factor, a more complex approach has emerged—one that examines the interaction between theology and psychology. Not entirely convinced by the idea that religious ideology alone can motivate individuals into carrying out violence, this novel perspective looks beyond, focusing on group dynamics (Sageman) and cognitive openings (Wiktorowicz) as explanations. Considering that…

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  • The Radicalization Of Islamophobia

    Today, the radicalization of Islam has further instilled this distrust and dislike of all Muslims. Ironically, extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS are huge proponents of Islamophobia. These groups use the tactic of preying upon the frustrated and vulnerable minds of young Muslims who have experienced systematic and institutionalized oppression in both the United States and Europe for centuries. When your people are oppressed for hundreds of years, anger and resentment is obviously going…

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  • The Psychological Concepts Of Radicalization

    Radicalization is “the psychological process of adopting extremist positions (White).” It’s broken down into six-steps: “alienation, one alienated person meets another, group gravitates toward religion, interpret the religion in militant terms, militant group meets a terrorist contract, and they join forces (White).” According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Counterterrorism Division it is a smooth process where not all individuals become radicalized extremists. The average person seeking…

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  • Theories Of Islamic Radicalization

    Overview Islamic radicalization is the primary cause of global terrorism and has been a prominent threat to international security over the past few decades. Islamic jihadists’ aim to wage ‘holy war’ against the West by taking extreme measures to protect their version of Islam, to fight against the Western invasions of the Middle East, North Africa and other parts of the Islamic world. This transnational phenomenon also stems from Muslim immigrants who have migrated to the West and have…

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  • Impact Of Radicalization In Modern Society

    demonstrate a very significant part to radicalization in the contemporary societies. A society which compels citizens to actively engage in volunteer services in order to fulfill their civil responsibilities. However, in the urgency to respond to such expectations, sometimes intentionally or unintentionally terrorism and radicalization take the lime light. A very little empirical study has been critically evaluated to understand the reflection of such community engagement in the modern world…

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  • Arguments Against Cyber Radicalization

    been overlooked in term of fighting terrorist radicalization and online recruitment. Cyber involves computer or computer network as the internet. The lame definition of cyber or the cyberspace, it refers to the internet. Today the society is embracing the advancement of technology and the internet (Ines, et al., 2013). The devices created today such portable computer, laptops, mobile phones, kindles e.t.c they easily gain access to the internet. It is so unfortunate the internet has become a…

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  • Radicalization Of Islam Essay

    The radicalization of Islam is not as broad as mainstream media would like its viewers to believe. Society surrounds a religion and culture that they do not understand with assumptions based off a small nugget of knowledge they think is accurate from organizations who have proven to be biased like Fox News and MSNBC. Middle Eastern countries where Islam is practiced by the majority of the population show up on a worldwide scale almost daily. Americans are more afraid than they are accepting of…

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  • Sageman And Wiktorowicz's Approach To Radicalization

    Although it overlaps with Sageman’s arguments, Wiktorowicz’s approach to radicalization is relatively more complex; among other things, he introduces the ‘cognitive opening’ theory, a crisis “that shakes certainty in previously accepted beliefs and renders an individual more receptive to the possibility of alternative views and perspectives.” The crisis can instigate a cognitive opening. This can take a variety of forms, depending on the individual, but when related to Islamic movements, the…

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