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  • Radiologic Technologist Career

    others’ internal problems fascinating, but also the fact that I like to work with technology makes the job even better. Another reason why I would like to go into radiologic technology is because it involves helping other people with their confusions about what is wrong with them. I would be able to begin the process of helping others by producing an image that a radiologist will use to determine what is wrong, so that a doctor can determine the best way fix the problem. I like the feeling of importance that a radiologic technologist has due to the fact that without…

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  • A Career As A Radiologic Technologist

    I want to be able to pursue in my career for this and not just live up to being mediocre because you are just making it harder for yourself. After you go through your education, the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technologists, a national organization, will review and accredit radiologic technologists degree programs. Then, the certification is awarded by the American Registry of Radiologic Technicians to people that complete the required education, training, being able to…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Rad Technologist

    for their occupation. It was not until high school I decided I wanted to pursue the medical field since I have always had a strong notion to help those that are in need. Soon after a coworker of mine suggested the radiologic technology program at Roane State Community College. I began doing research on radiography and I was very intrigued. My favorite subject has always been science and the physics involved in imaging seemed interesting. So far it was looking like a major I could stay driven and…

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  • Radiology Department Manager Research Paper

    radiology issues with physicians, radiologists, radiology technologists, and ancillary staff; improving and maintaining quality assurance program for department functions. 14. The RDM maintains a wide degree of creativity and latitude. Commands effective managerial, administrative and leadership abilities. 15. Functions effectively in a cross-functional team environment, Effective communication skills both in written and verbal. Maintains and improves department quality assurance program.…

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  • Angulation In Radiology

    perpendicular AP projection of the sacrum would not show the sacrum appropriately and a proper diagnosis wouldn’t be obtained. So due to the way the sacrum lies in the body, a 15 degree cephalad angle of the tube is necessary to properly visualize the sacrum and achieve an accurate diagnosis. That 15 degree tube angle elongates one part of the sacrum while foreshortening a portion of the sacrum also, which lays the sacrum as parallel as we can get to the IR. Whereas the way the coccyx lies in…

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  • Career Essay: A Career As A Sonographer

    One of the schools that offers sonography program is Chaffey College. It isn’t technically Sonography, but Radiologic Technology. Chaffey either offers classes for ultrasound or for x-ray as well, but the program is called Radiologic Tech. The requirements for graduation according to The Information Packet for the Prospective RT Student, is 38 units for the first year and 34.5 units for the second year. The total program units are 72.5 units and required clinical hours are 2,072. Students are…

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  • Surgical Technician Essay

    surgical technologist can be hard work; not only should a technician watch after all patients, but must keep a check on themselves. A technician needs to remain as stress free as possible, always making sure all body mechanics are in order. Forgetting to do this can lead to emotional stress, which has a negative effect on the body. A surgical technician not in full control of himself causes things to go wrong in the operating room. A technician must always be completely focused on the job.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Surgical Technology Programs In Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

    Training programs last nine to twenty-four months and lead to a certificate, diploma, or associates degree (, par. 3). In college, students go through three semesters of surgical technologist courses. First semester required courses consist of: English Composition I, Fundamentals of Surgical Technology, Principles of Surgical Techniques, and Surgical Anatomy. Second semester contains classes like: Surgical Microbiology, Basic and Related Surgical Procedures, and Specialized Surgical…

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  • Radiology Career Essay

    tasks we may face. Probably the greatest accomplishments we have made, are in the studies of medicine/treatment. And to be specific, the study of radiology. I am most interested in pursuing a career as a radiologic technologist because of its diligent career overview, ample salary, and academic education. I also enjoy working hands on with people and believe this is the appropriate career for me. To be able to choose the appropriate career, there are many helpful tools used that were not…

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  • Critical Thinking And Problem-Solving Strategies Analysis

    information. Before I make a decision, I need to collect information about both majors. For instance, asking graduated and undergraduate students in those majors helps a lot. Nuru, a radiologist, told me that a radiologist might get a cancer during scanning a patient x-ray. In addition, searching on different websites like B.L.S (Bureau of Labor Statistics) help a lot before decision. For instance, on B.L.S., I can get statistics about the major’s salary, what skills I need, and work…

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