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  • Summary: Corruption In Chicago

    the trail leads all the way up to the city’s mayor, Rahm Emmanuel. Corruption is one of the major problems Chicago faces and Mayor Rahm Emanuel is the face of the corruption that plagues the city. In an article written by Judith Valente, Can Chicago offer a path away from gun violence? She states “More than 2,800 people were shot in Chicago last year, and by December 2015 there had been 417 gun homicides, up almost 20 percent from the previous year.” (Valente) As the country faces mass violence from gangs, a growing problem is the police brutality and the unjustified shootings of unarmed people. The people of Chicago are calling for…

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  • Alliteration In The Poem Africa And Flying Man By Rabindranath Tagore

    The poems Africa and Flying Man by Rabindranath Tagore show the negative effects of man-made destruction. The destruction is the way they have mistreated the people of Africa, as well as changing the way nature used to be, from the peaceful harmonious nature to inventing more modernised technologies, making man seem more arrogant. The focus of the two poems is how man has destroyed the earth with their actions, and the poet does this by using imagery and figurative language. In Africa, Tagore…

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  • Minimum Wage Problems

    livability of minimum wage in Chicago, the state of Illinois only provides the minimum amount of assistance needed to get by. As I mentioned before, there is a maximum amount of monetary support that any state government is allowed to provide. Because of this restriction, there is little to no room for minimum wage earners to buy items that are purely wants and not needs, such as entertainment or vacations. I found an article from December 2014 about the minimum wage raise in Chicago. In it,…

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  • Mayor Ram Emanuel's Speech Analysis

    On Thursday, September 22, 2016, Mayor Rahm Emanuel delivered a speech in regards to the violent crimes occurring in Chicago. Mayor Emanuel described the nature of Chicago’s crimes as violent, and gang and gun related. According to Emanuel crime is primarily a gang and gun issue. He says that gangs are emboldened especially because they view gun charges in Chicago as a “joke.” The extent of crime was described as a problem that affects all citizens of Chicago and that the fight against crime is…

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  • The Importance Of Fine Arts In Schools

    SAT scores were shown to be higher among those who were involved in some kind of daily art. Art students also have higher attendance and graduation rates (Surack). “The arts as a core academic subject is essential for a complete and balanced education for all students," said Otha Thornton, president of National PTA (Thornton). Studies have also proven that music education reinforces critical analysis skills, while also enhance problem-solving skills and exercises the memory. Mayor of Chicago…

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  • Chicago School Dropouts

    Schools closing, teachers going on strikes, budget cuts. These are all headlines that have been surrounding the Chicago Public School System over the last few years and especially this past October. In 2013 Mayor Rahm Emanuel approved the largest school closure in Chicago history by closing 48 elementary schools and one high school. This massive school closing is still affecting Chicago residents today. Children are being forced to take longer walks to schools through bad neighborhoods. School…

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  • The Importance Of Excellency Within A Child's Educational Endeavors

    Chicago lawmakers, Ald. Carlos Ramirez, and Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey. Ramirez is the lead sponsor on the non-binding TIF resolution and it is being co-sponsored by 34 Alderman. (http://www.progressillinois.com) He along with his co-sponsors, are supporters of the bill to maintain programming in CPS, reduce teacher layoffs, and enhance in-house services with CPS. Furthermore, Teacher’s Union President, Karen Lewis and Vice President, Jesse Sharkey are supporters of the…

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  • Social Scientific Inquiry

    alone. In 2011 Chicago voted in a new mayor by the name of Rahm Emanuel, he promised changes in community relation, mental health, police misconduct, and police shooting investigations. Mayor Emanuel wants to improve community relations by enforcing officers to interact with young community members to help them actually understand the different cultures and issues that are involved in society. With this engagement between officer and young community members he hopes that trust can be built and…

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  • The Black Lives Matter: A Speech Analysis

    the police killing of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, nearly 41 million tweets, 100,000 web links and dozens of interviews have been about the Black Lives Matter movement (Demby). In the same fashion, BLM has used its platform across social media to gain followers and awareness about the movement. BLM became part of the mainstream conversation when Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who was involved in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown was not indicted on November 25th. In the first 20…

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  • Economic Disparities In Education

    addition to imposing a garbage collection fee. Nonetheless, instead of placing the budget on the backs of Chicagoans, supporters of SB 4560 believe certain TIF projects can be scaled back to rise funding. Opposition Currently, Springfield is opposition of this bill, due to the covert belief that other counties will design a similar bill. Barbara Flynn Currie is the primary sponsor of HB 4560, currently she is facing major opposition from Ald. Ameya Pawar (47th Ward), along with 36…

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