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  • Clover: A Short Story

    “Here you go Clover” I stare at Jeff the zoo keeper, while he drops a gold coin into my tank. When he walks away, I slowly slide down from my perch that was up on top of the fake little rainbow, that they had given me for my tank. I didn’t like the rainbow that much, but I guess it will have to do. In my opinion the rainbows back home were the best. Colors mixed perfectly in the golden rays of the sunlight. The rainbow in my tank was the complete opposite. It had a glare from my warm yellow tank light and the colors were all wrong. As for the house Jeff had given me, I’d say it’s okay. It was this little house positioned on a fake tree stump with fake leaves on the top. To the giants outside of my tank it looked perfect and real, but from my point of view it was wretched and fake. I snap out of my little day dream and slowly tiptoe towards the shiny coin. I see no one in sight. Perfect. Reaching my hand out I slowly curl…

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  • Stables: A Fictional Narrative

    The clock hit seven pm, a black limo drove to the docks of Manehattan. Rainbow kept moving in her uncomfortable dress Stables gave her a smirk. “You’re too use to wearing suits Miss Rainbow” Stables said,just before stopping the car. “Don’t wait up for me, Stables” Rainbow said, before exiting the limo. He drove off and she was alone. As she walked across the cold planks she sniffed from the cold and immediately regretted it. The smell of the ocean was terrible, The dryness of the sea air…

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  • Pride Parade Research Paper

    Products such as vodka (http://www.absolut.com/ca/products/absolut-colours/), fast food and foot wear, among other things have been used as marketing tools, limited edition selling items, specifically around pride month to promote to the LGBT inclusive community. An article “Let’s Stop Buying the LGBT Rainbow” by Samantha Allen states, “deploying the rainbow to appeal to the LGBT community is a relatively new but increasingly common form of “pink washing,” a term used by critics of corporate…

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  • Education As A Rite Of Passage

    music, and the proper playing techniques. My interest in teaching has remained a steady companion; I have continued teaching music and tutoring others in anthropology. As a teacher 's assistant at Warner Avenue Elementary School I have worked with kindergarteners and 1st graders. I love watching the renewed curiosity and wonder in their eyes after I answer their many questions. Words are insufficient to describe my excitement and fulfillment when my students respond with understanding and…

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  • Life Taker Of Souls: A Short Story

    ….. Of Life, Taker of Souls People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, if only they that really meant. If someone is lying, looking a person in they eye will allow to to see right through them. If a person is hurt, sad, or even heart broken, all you have to do is make eye contact to know what they are feeling. The same is for people who are are in love, happy, and glad. The eyes show and see all. But this is only a small part of what I can see when I look someone in the eyes.…

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  • The Rainbow Maniac

    Kristopher Omberg CJ 490 Research Paper The Rainbow Maniac People die every day, perhaps by natural causes such as old age or sickness, or unnatural instances such as murder. Because of our innate desire to preserve our own existence, we have designed procedures and repercussions to help keep untimely deaths from occurring. For murder, we have a police force and laws that are backed up by the police force and the judicial system. However, sometimes a murder can occur and these preventative…

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  • Rainbow Bridge Essay

    The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo The rainbow Bridge in Tokyo is a wonderful one to visit. It has great architectural value people from many country visit this bridge every year. They get great interest by visiting the bridge . The rainbow bridge has three transportation way on two decks. They are upper deck and lower deck. Once the bridge was tolled but now it is untolled . There are two separate walk ways of the bridge. One is on the north & another is on the south side of lower deck. From the…

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  • Sharing In The Rainbow Fish

    about what you are really reading? Well today I’m going to talk to you about the book rainbow fish. Making people happy and sharing is easy. the book “rainbow fish” theme is sharing can bring more happiness that just keeping it all to yourself. My first topic sentence is sharing. Sharing is good to do. You will receive more friends and less haters. If you keep everything to yourself no one will like you as it was shown in the book. The general idea of this book is sharing should mean more to you…

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  • What Does Blitz Cause Separation Anxiety?

    Until then, I want to talk about him to people. I needed to write this article in his memory to honor his incredible spirit. All of these things help me to mourn my dog and learn to live without him. I leave you with this beautiful poem: There is a bridge connecting Heaven & Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass. When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this…

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  • Personal Narrative-Peanut Girl

    the track fly under me. I was elated, my soul at its summit, I was running and I felt free. I moved my legs as fast as they could possibly take me, heading towards the finish line. "Amal Weck has stupendously achieved the new school record of sprinting 300 meters in 34.8 seconds!" Exclaimed the ecstatic sports teacher. The ebullient/exuberant crowd boisterously roared with great anticipation/ excitement, like an enormous pride of exultant lions roaring. Thousands of arms wrapped affectionately…

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