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  • What Is The Difference In American Culture

    First, I want to talk and discuss about “Race.” In this world, we have many countries with many types of people like: Korean, American, Vietnamese, Indian, and etc. there is not only cause they lived in different countries, for they have different about culture, skin, and language of each countries. I am a Vietnamese person and living in there for seventeen years before I moved to U.S. When I came to America, I saw a lot of difference from culture to race of people. There are people with white, black skin and even more color than that. I wondered in my mind that do they are alien. But, I was wrong about that. Then, I saw a different culture from them to my culture. They wear some clothes which I never seen it before and the way they celebrated the holiday together with conversation with people. Also, Race is not only descried about people. It is also described about cars, house, and more thing. For example, we can compare the fastest of each cars, boats, or any machines. That is so interesting for me because I have lived in my hometown for a long time but I did not know about outside that we have a lot of thing we did not know and how to accept it. Second it is about Culture. It is so interesting word to discuss and talk about it. Like some sentences I had told you about who I am, I lived in country with a popular culture and so interesting. In my culture, we always believed that we are son/daughter of god. The country have passed war with many strong enemies like: America,…

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  • Ethnophaulism In Fruitvale Station

    of the poor-minority community, shows the prejudice that the police in our everyday society have, and walks through the life of Oscar Grant III, 24 hours before his murder. The ethnophaulism that is used is both derogatory and uncalled for; As well, the prejudice that someone encounters on a daily basis is unbelievably sad. The struggles of minority people in the United States often disregarded, and the outcome of hate crimes and prejudice is becoming an enormous problem. The movie Fruitvale…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Remembering On The Wechat

    It was last summer. While browsing on the Wechat, I was captivated by a story. This story begins like that a couple broke up at the airport. The girl said: “every day I am waiting for you. It’s just exhausted. At first I thought you would come back if I just wait for one more minute, but now I know there’s no point to waiting for you any more, because just like you could never get on a train in an airport, I could never expect the wrong person on the wrong place in a wrong time.” On that day…

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  • Going To Run Away Analysis

    strangers. He goes through the tunnel and his head starts to hurt from the numerous signs offering goods and services since he has to memorize all of them. He sits down outside a café and does a problem called “Conway’s Soldiers” in his head to calm himself. I find it interesting on how Christopher decides to calm himself down. He uses math and puzzles. That is the last thing that I think about doing. When I want to calm down I go to stuff that doesn 't require me to think. He does the opposite.…

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  • Urban Observation Report

    Regarding this, I find myself at the first stop of the Blue Line railway system, the 7th and Metro Station in Downtown Los Angeles on a Tuesday morning. This station is underground and is a regional connector to other rail lines and buses. People are constantly on the move and vary in ethnicity (White, African American, Latino, Asian) and age (elderly, middle-aged). People dressed in professional attire or uniform roam the station while other passengers are in casual attire. Law enforcement is…

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  • Automatic People Mover System Advantages And Disadvantages

    With the rapid growth of industry & trade in big cities and urban areas as well as with increasing the development of infrastructure projects in railway transportation, hence increasing the need for transportation equipment for people . According to long-term development planning of the Republic of Indonesia, urban railway transportation infrastructure build in many places , some of those projects are, APMS (Automatic People Mover System) project at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, MRT (Mass…

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  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Research Paper

    Known as the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, this tragedy is considered one of the most detrimental accidents concerning the environment. This oil spill occurred approximately forty-one miles off the coast of Louisiana, after a natural gas explosion ignited the rig. An estimated more than 60,000 gallons of oil spilled from this leakage. The intent of this paper is to highlight the effects seceding the oil spill, including key stakeholders negatively affected such as: property owners along the…

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  • Case Study: CIO Of Super Training Corporation

    Introduction Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. (Wikipedia.com) In this assignment I will review the different strategic options I would use as a CIO of Super Training Corporation. In order to move the delivery educational software platform to Software as a Service model I will need to lay out a very strategic plan that’s not only time sensitive, but also feasible . Training…

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  • Gulf Oil Spill Case Study

    Problem : April 22 of 2010, approximately 206 million gallons of oil was spilt in the Gulf of Mexico. The Mother Nature Network stated, “Gulf Oil Spill is the officially the largest oil spill in the world history”, (“Mother Nature Network”, Laura Moss). The Gulf Oil Spill started when oil went miles below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, and it exploded. It caused BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig that it killed 11 people. The oil spread for more than 85 days and oiled 572 miles. Along the way,…

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  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Risk Analysis

    Risk assessment of Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Explosion and Oil Spill and Current Layout Shishir Tripathi Abstract—The explosion and the consequent sinking of Deepwater Horizon oil rig resulted in one of the worst accidental oil spill disaster in the history of petroleum industry. The investigation reports conclude several causes leading to the disaster. The primary cause for the incident, however, is attributed to the negligence and absence of disaster management procedures and protocols. The…

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