Personal Narrative Essay: Remembering On The Wechat

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It was last summer. While browsing on the Wechat, I was captivated by a story. This story begins like that a couple broke up at the airport. The girl said: “every day I am waiting for you. It’s just exhausted. At first I thought you would come back if I just wait for one more minute, but now I know there’s no point to waiting for you any more, because just like you could never get on a train in an airport, I could never expect the wrong person on the wrong place in a wrong time.” On that day they broke up. However, few years later, the Hongqiao Airport and the Hongqiao Railway station was linked together, and the designer is the boy in this story.
After reading this story, I was surprised not by the shocking ending nor by how heartbreaking
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Then, both of us started to walk in the opposite direction. Farewell is always hard at first. However, just like all the other life skills, which one could master through practice, it also gets easier through practices. At first I regarded it as a torture, especially when I realized mom just disappeared in the crowd and I was the one who was left behind. But later I realized that this farewell is just a small proportion of the farewell I am about to face. Life is constituted by numerous adieus, the adieu of middle school, the adieu of high school, the adieu of your country, the adieu of people you love, and the adieu of the childhood. This “good bye” is just the prologue of the whole play and the first sip of the bitter taste of growing up, and eventually one will need to learn how to hide those melancholies inside. After I learnt how to hide my adieus, I started to go to the train station all by myself, and this time no more “good bye” and no more turning …show more content…
Weather they are running to the gate, talking to the phone or eating their food, they are also all by themselves. They are all like me and share the same sole with me. It is kind of interesting how you can bind some relationship with strangers, even though they are not acknowledge of that. Just depending on their behaviors, you could know their thoughts and their feeling. You know they are just like you, because they share the same pattern as you do. Their actions minor yours, which create a subtle connection and acquaintance, and those feelings always subsides my

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