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  • Essay On Amtrak Train Station

    Threat assessment The Amtrak train station in Wilmington Delaware is a huge train depo that shuffles hundreds of people out of Delaware into other states. In today’s world, there seems to be plenty of organizations that are out to cause terror and fear. And with the Amtrak station being a very populated space there is potential for various indirect threats. These threats are implied or are always being thought about. But being a train depot what is its main purpose, who poses a threat/ what weapons would they use and what would happen if this sight was attacked. The Amtrak train stations main purpose is to shuttle people from point A to point B. and it supplies many Americans with jobs either in ticket sales, security, maintenance or the conductors. As well as provide a safe and secure area that people could feel safe traveling to and from. This poses as an…

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  • Personal Narrative: Journey To The Destination Of Culture

    From the moment on the Subway to the change to the No.7 train, the atmosphere changes and cultures clash. Many would be blindsided and oblivious to the diversity, but going to this destination with the intention of seeking different ways of life opens the eye. Traveling through Flushing and Jackson Heights I witnessed different ethnic groups. On the No.7 train, many different languages were being spoken. Some were French, Spanish, and Chinese. As the trip was an hour long, it took a decent…

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  • Ms. Palsgraf V. Long Island Railroad Case Study

    Parties: Ms. Palsgraf Long Island Railroad Co. Two employees Man catching the train carrying the unknown fireworks Issue: How is the duty of care determined for Ms. Palsgraf safety while on the platform of the train station? Does the Long Island Railroad Co. owe that duty to Ms. Palsgraf? Is the Log Island Railroad Co. responsible for the actual and proximate case of Ms. Palsgraf injuries? Facts: The plaintiff (Palsgraf) was standing on a train platform, when a man carrying a package rushed…

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  • Ttc Informative Speech

    Do you like harming the environment? Okay, let me ask a better question, do you like destroying yourself? Well if you don’t like doing any of those things, why don’t you go on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) also known as the Public Transit. People always say that cars are the best means of transportation, and that buses and trains are horrible because they take to long, or they cost to much. However you should look at it in a different way, I will explain all of this later. Now let’s start…

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  • Ethnophaulism In Fruitvale Station

    The movie Fruitvale Station is a strong movie that emphasizes the struggle of the poor-minority community, shows the prejudice that the police in our everyday society have, and walks through the life of Oscar Grant III, 24 hours before his murder. The ethnophaulism that is used is both derogatory and uncalled for; As well, the prejudice that someone encounters on a daily basis is unbelievably sad. The struggles of minority people in the United States often disregarded, and the outcome of hate…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Manslamming

    mentions that men walk without moving out of the way unconsciously and not acknowledging it. Breslaw decided that experiencing this situation herself allowed her to notice the amount of men she collided with and seeing the reaction of these men. Breslaw noted that in January every man that came in her path physically walked right into her. Roy mentions a quote by Breslaw, who said, “I’m going to be the Frogger, and this person who’s rapidly approaching me is going to be the log”. Mentioning…

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  • Reflective Essay: Moving To The City Of New York

    selfish, greedy and close minded. New Yorkers as well as non-New Yorkers think these things are due to the fact that we are always on the move and don’t like waiting for anything. As a New Yorker I don’t see my city as what everyone portrays it to be. I see NYC as a very caring and open minded city with a large variety of many different people. On a chilly Friday night around mid-November I was on my way home with a good friend of mine, Ashley. We leave school as we make our way to the 5 train…

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  • Smart Transportation System Analysis

    time, arrival time, stop and return, and even the available capacity of every bus. Bike and electric vehicle information module can provide bike/vehicle status monitoring, bike/vehicle positioning, available bike/vehicle of different location, battery status, and any other information about shared bike and electric vehicle that travelers will concern. After well develop, the module can also be personalized for reservation, carpool mating, and parking solution. Infrastructure information module…

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  • Growing Up In Washington Heights And New York City

    crimes change as the year’s progress. When it comes to my parents thoughts on how our neighborhood is, compared to what it use to be, is completely different from mine. My parents were growing up around the 1980’s in, and New York City experienced 1,814, homicides during the year of 1980. This is three times what we are experiencing today. Drugs like crack and cocaine blew up in 1984, and cocaine was available in cities all across New York, especially in Upper Manhattan also known…

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  • Perception Of Safety In Transport In Australia

    People were asked a direct safety question “Do you feel safe when travelling by public transport?” in various contexts of public transport usage. The highest percentage was 73 percentage of passengers who felt safe when using public transport. The rest of respondents (27%) did not feel safe while boarding. Public transport in Melbourne including trains, buses and trams. Public transportation in Melbourne is often seen as having the lowest threat and crime, it is normally safe and secure.…

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