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  • Phfs Commonness In Food Case Study

    health. Natural versus artificiel trans fats As previously mentioned, trans fats can come from two sources, naturally and artificially via the process of hydrogenation. Natural trans fat is formed in some grassland animals and small amounts can be found in animal products (Food and Drug Administration, 2016). This is due to bacteria found in the stomachs of these animals that convert the fatty oils (Harvard Health Publications, 2008). In fact, it was reported by Harvard Medical School trans fat that…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Food

    According to the FDA, food companies are allowed to say that their food products contains 0 grams of trans fat, as long as one serving contains less than .50 grams of trans fat. However, food companies should not be allowed to hide trans fats like these, as they are unhealthy for our bodies and health. As a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association Andrea Giancoli states it “Trans fats raise your bad cholesterol just like saturated fats, but they also increase inflammation and lower the…

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  • Political Situation Analysis

    In a political sense, precedent is important because it is often a belief of change. Take for example the New York trans fat ban. In 2006, New York city became the first municipality to restrict artificial trans fats in restaurants “and would not be the last as health officials across the US mobilized to enact similar bans of their own” (Brady, 2015). New York recognized a need to counteract the growing health concerns regarding trans fats, which in turn, raised awareness in other municipalities…

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  • Trans Fat Research Paper

    The Secret Killer For years, Trans fat was viewed as bad for your health, which has lead the government to step in and look at limiting trans-fat consumption. Although there are many different types of fats in the food we consume, you should be aware of Trans-fats because of the effects they have on your body. I think it is especially important for young adults who have the option of preventing health problems to be aware of such things. Walter Willett claims, “Trans-fats are secret killers”…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Trans Fats

    FDA announces trans fats to be phased out of American food supply The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took a major step this week toward eliminating a major health risk present in the American diet. The FDA announced that artificial fats that are present in many processed foods and fast foods, will be phased out of the U.S. Food supply over the next three years. The three year phase out allows food manufacturers to find alternative ingredients to replace trans fats and reformulate…

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  • Trans Fat Pros And Cons

    much weight? Another question to consider is, should the government get too involved in people’s personal lives? I believe the pros weight out the cons in the government regulating the amount of trans fat and sugar we intake. Most people do not know the difference between good trans fat and bad trans fat. There is natural trans fat that comes from naturally raised animals such as cows, and artificial trans fat which is processed in big factories. Factories which processes these artificial trans…

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  • Importance Of Food In Food

    Protein give 4 calories per gram. The body can utilize protein calories with 3 way; accumulate protein in fat stores, consume it as an energy or utilize it to fulfill functions essential to life. Calories from protein will be used as an source of energy when the body is missing fat or carbohydrate calories for fuel. When the body get sufficient quantities of proteins, fats, and carbs, protein will accomplish its specific functions. These proteins functions include replacing of old cells,…

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  • Why Is Unsaturated Fats Important

    FAT The diet world is urged to forbid fat it from diets as often as possible. Yet, as many things the diet world forbids, fat has extremely important health benefits. Fats belong to the macromolecule group of lipids. Lipids are extremely important to the body, and cannot be cut out of one's diet completely. The primary role of lipids in your body is to provide energy for muscles and body processes. Half of the fuel the body needs when it is resting or doing an everyday activity comes from…

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  • Summary Of Real Food What To Eat And Why By Nina Planck

    Nina Planck’s book, Real Food What To Eat And Why is a novel written with personal experience, outside sources, and scientific knowledge. Throughout the book she discusses which foods are real and which foods are not, such as real meat, real fat, real milk, butter and cheese, and even real fruits and vegetables. She also discusses the importance of each macronutrient such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates and how each of these play an important role in the human body. Nina has great care for…

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  • Natural Characteristics Of Fats

    2.3 Fats The word fats refer to the lipid food group and it is used to mean both fats and oils. The unseparated fats and oil in foods such as grains, nuts, dairy products, eggs and meats are the example of ‘invisible’ fats that usually more than fifty per cent of our normal fats intake (Ghotra et al, 2002). Fats and oils are calorie-dense food item which give nine calories per gram compared to the carbohydrates and proteins which are four calories per gram respectively. Foods that rich in fats…

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