Transactional analysis

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  • Transactional Analysis Theory

    A child’s early formative years are the most crucial in determining the growth, personality and goals of the individual. The Transactional Analysis theory supports this statement as it enables people to explore the origins of their personality and allows one to understand why he/she is the way he/she is. I have come to realize that my coping mechanisms are reflected in the adoption and switching of ego states that takes place depending on the situation. Although there are times when I move to the adaptive child state or the critical parent ego state, my dominant ego state may be the adult stage. This is so because I mainly think logically, practically and don’t let emotions get the best of me; I usually do not let my heart rule my head since…

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  • Transactional Analysis Definition

    Certain theories like the three elements of personality (Id, Ego and Superego) by Sigmund Freud and the experiment done by Dr. Wilder Penfield’s on the human brain led to the development of a framework called Transactional Analysis (TA). Founded by Eric Berne in the late 1950s, TA is the study of social interactions between individuals – how an individual interacts and builds relationships. The end view of which is to provide reinforcement to an individual on how he/she interacts/communicates.…

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  • Full Range Leadership Model

    It is the two leadership styles which are suggested to be employed by effective leaders (Bass, & Bass, 2008). Because political leaders may be considered to be effective leaders, a qualitative analysis of the public personas of Abbott and Obama was performed to classify the leaders as either transformational or transactional. Evidence for the analysis is drawn from the leaders ' election victory speeches and their address to 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. Hence, the…

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  • Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis Theory

    TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS HISTORY Dr. Eric Berne was born on 10 May 1910 as Eric Lennard Bernstein. In 1935, Dr. Berne came to the United States of America to finish his psychiatry residency. Four years after, he obtained his American citizenship and shortened his name into Eric Berne. The first five of six articles on intuition written by Dr. Berne in 1949 was the origins of transactional analysis. Before 1956, he had written two seminal papers, namely: “Intuition V: The Ego Image“…

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  • Relational Vs Transformational Leadership

    What are the similarities and diffrences between transactional and transformational leadership? What skills are required for both forms of leadership and illustrate how there can be applied an organisation? There are various leadership styles, which are applicable for various situations for different type of leaders. Context of this work is limited to analyse similarities and differences between transactional and transformational leadership styles. More specifically, author of this will work…

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  • Transactional Leadership Style Analysis

    Transactional and Transformational Leaders Leadership is defined as the process of social influence, in which an individual can procure or seek the support or aid of others people in the accomplishment of a common goal (Tannenbaum, Weschler & Massarik, 2013). It is the character of influencing the behaviors of individuals, to attain a given objective. A leader is that person with the ability to guide, inspire, and associate with others to achieve their dream goals. Management experts and…

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  • Jk Rowling Leadership Style

    “Harry Potter” the story of an orphaned boy with magical powers. The series that became the best selling series in history. A story in which both children and adults enjoy reading. Created by the brilliant mind of J.K. Rowling. Who crossed many roads before she found success. She risked everything to fulfill her dreams. She went from a jobless, single mother living on state benefits to being multimillionaire. J.K Rowling possess positive leadership, responsibility,and integrity. The basic…

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  • Predictive Analysis: Unknown Future Scenarios

    CASE STUDY: PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS MOUNIKA ENUGALA NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY INTRODUCTION Predictive analysis is the process in the advanced analytics field which predicts the unknown scenarios in future. It uses lot of techniques like machine learning, data mining, probability and statistics, IT, data management etc. It brings down the results of previous input data searches and manages to understand the connections between the data thus identifying all the opportunities and risks of future which…

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  • Airgas Argumentative Essay

    As a company that has grown via acquisition, there were many legacy systems in place that the acquired companies used for sales analysis. There was no standardization, with each organization operating as it’s own entity under the corporate umbrella. Some used platforms like Cognos, others used Microsoft Excel as their analysis tool. There was no unified marketing effort. Recognizing the drawbacks this approach, Airgas began an effort to bring everyone onto the SAP platform so that all business…

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  • Big Data

    Big data has transformed into an important element in establishing growth for any business. The term is used to describe a crucial and massive volume of data to be processed by any software technique. It can also be referred to as a hi-tech tool used to handle large amounts of data. Big data is imperative to a business as it produces a more accurate analysis due to the large amounts of data. Consequently, users can make better decisions that can be helpful in reducing risks and greater…

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