Transcultural nursing

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  • Transcultural Nursing Theory

    Culture affects every aspect of a person’s life: how they interact with others, how they express emotions, and how they view healthcare. As stated by nurse anthropologist, Madeleine Leininger, in her transcultural nursing theory, nurses must seek to understand other cultures to provide care that is congruent with a patient’s cultural values and practices (Berman and Snyder, 2012, p. 449). Leininger asserts that culturally competent care positively impacts patient’s satisfaction and compliance. Many hospitals and nursing schools provide education to their employees and students to develop cultural awareness and confidence in caring for culturally diverse patients. The research discussed in this paper seeks to discover the effects cultural sensitivity…

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  • Madeleine Leininger's Transcultural Nursing Case Study

    Madeleine Leininger is considered to be the mother of transcultural nursing and the cultural care theory. She earned a nursing confirmation from St. Anthony 's Hospital School of Nursing, trailed by college degrees at Benedictine College and Creighton University. She also received a Master of Science in Nursing at Catholic University of America. She later concentrated on social and social human sciences at the University of Washington where she obtained her PhD in 1966. Dr. Leininger also held…

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  • Cultural Disparities In Transcultural Nursing

    Transcultural nursing is an important component in modern nursing and especially in today's diverse society. Now-a-days, the healthcare system is challenging because of diverse patient populations, increased technological development and modification in healthcare policies. There is an essential requirement to develop cultural competence among nurses because they are to meet the needs of the diverse populations they serve. Cultural disparities can affect patient assessment, teaching and patient…

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  • Madeleine Leininger's Transcultural Nursing Theory

    Madeleine Leininger was truly a pioneer for transcultural nursing. She spent her life promoting cultural education and understanding within the nursing profession. It is largely due to her efforts that cultural care is emphasized so much in the health care system. Leininger used her well-rounded education to question the norms when it came to diversity and worked hard to change the way those from diverse backgrounds are treated in the health care system. Leininger herself came from a diverse…

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  • Madeline Leininger's Transcultural Model Of Nursing

    macro level of society. Unlike the utilitarian approach which leaves the individual vulnerable to the demands and oversights of the greater population, the contract response protects the less fortunate. Basic rights are protected though the recent healthcare reforms by the United States government, which means that healthcare, cannot be denied to those who are obese based on their weight. Insurance premiums should not be higher because your obesity puts you at a higher risk of diabetes and…

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  • Analysis Of Madeleine Leininger's Theory Of Transcultural Nursing

    Nurses are drawn to Madeleine Leininger `theory of Transcultural Nursing, where she emphasizes that caring for a patient is a universal phenomenon and that caring is key to curing the patient. Cultural awareness provides mutual respect and strengthens the nurse-patient relationship. My personal philosophy in practice is to provide holistic care to my patients and their families. Including the whole family in the care plan is the best approach to returning the patient to their optimum state of…

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  • Nursing: The Giger And Davidhizar Transcultural Assessment Model

    The end of life stage for those with a Buddhist cultural background is a beautiful transition into their next physical state. Based on their beliefs and values, the end of life process is peaceful and has minimal suffering involved. The Giger and Davidhizar Transcultural Assessment Model is a great tool for nurses to use when it comes to caring for patients of a different culture. This paper takes that model and applies it to Buddhism and how a nurse can care for a Buddhist patient at the end of…

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  • Giger And Davidhizar's Transcultural Nursing Assessment Model

    Assessing Gier and Davihizar’s Transcultural Model Giger and Davidhizar’s Transcultural Nursing Assessment model has become an important framework for nurses to provide optimal care to patients who are culturally diverse. This framework was created as a response to the need for nursing students in an undergraduate program who needed to provide care for patients with different backgrounds. This model uses six components a nurse should assess for regarding the unique culture of each person.…

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  • Giger And Davidhizar's Transcultural Nursing Assessment Analysis

    Giger and Davidhizar’s Transcultural Nursing Assessment Framework: Analysis of Pregnancy and Birth in the Jewish Culture Introduction The Jewish culture is one that nurses may encounter when caring for patients throughout their career. Joyce Giger and Ruth Davidhizar created the Transcultural Nursing Assessment Framework to help nurses assess patients using their culture as a starting consideration. It breaks it down into six components to consider when analyzing cultures to help with nursing…

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  • The Value Of Transcultural Nursing

    Why there are differences in the health and personal status of people in America? Are you belong to the other cultural group who has own behaviors, beliefs, values, traditions and symbols the group accepts, generally without thinking about them? Diversity is a result of the influx of diverse cultures; the United States is rapidly becoming multicultural and multilingual. "The term transcultural nursing was coined by Madeleine Leininger in the 1950's" (Lewis, et al., 2014, p. 24). Transcultural…

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