Analysis Of Madeleine Leininger's Theory Of Transcultural Nursing

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Nurses are drawn to Madeleine Leininger `theory of Transcultural Nursing, where she emphasizes that caring for a patient is a universal phenomenon and that caring is key to curing the patient. Cultural awareness provides mutual respect and strengthens the nurse-patient relationship. My personal philosophy in practice is to provide holistic care to my patients and their families. Including the whole family in the care plan is the best approach to returning the patient to their optimum state of health. It is important to evaluate all the aspects of the patient’s lives that they will share. Nurses must account for individuals` needs and cultural differences in their care plans to provide holistic care. Most important, nurses need to maintain …show more content…
A limitation of this research is the exclusion of enrolled nurses from the study. Enrolled nurses or staff nurses in South Africa receive a diploma in nursing usually after a study period of 2 years, with the outcome of being dependent general nursing practitioners under the supervision of RNs. Due to the nature of the in-depth exploration which produced a large amount of data to be analyzed, only registered critical care nurses were selected to participate in the interviews and to keep diaries (Evans, Bell, Sweeney, Morgan, & Kelly, …show more content…
The results have the potential to inform the provision of culturally sensitive mental health care and affect mental health outcomes. The biggest limitation to this study- the three partner neighborhoods are in a single Midwest city, so the results may not be applicable to urban, impoverished Black, Hispanic, and White women in other areas (Doornbos, Zandee, & DeGroot, 2014). Inclusion of transcultural nursing in the curriculum is necessary in the culturally diverse South Africa. The article “Putting Leininger’s nursing theory ‘culture care diversity and universality’ into operation in the curriculum – Part 1” focuses on research regarding the putting of Leininger's nursing theory into operation in the curriculum to provide a scientific base for the inclusion of such nursing. This was achieved by means of a non-empirical exploratory study.
Data were gathered by means of a literature

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