Madeline Leininger's Transcultural Model Of Nursing

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Perhaps a more appropriate view is the contract response and the ideas of John Rawls. Lebacqz (1986) explains that Rawls says justice is fairness at the macro level of society. Unlike the utilitarian approach which leaves the individual vulnerable to the demands and oversights of the greater population, the contract response protects the less fortunate. Basic rights are protected though the recent healthcare reforms by the United States government, which means that healthcare, cannot be denied to those who are obese based on their weight. Insurance premiums should not be higher because your obesity puts you at a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease, because it could cause increased medical claims in the future.
This brings us to what we as healthcare professionals can do for our obese patients. Transcultural (2012) explains in Madeline Leininger’s Transcultural Model of Nursing, that it is important for nurses to evaluate their personal attitudes of ethical nursing,
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This could be the ethics committee of the township or school board. With the approval of an ethics committee, the researcher becomes more reputable and can communicate this accomplishment to establish a trusting relationship with the community. At this step in the community based research project, the researcher can begin organizing the Get Healthy event. Ideally, the Get Healthy event will be a free afternoon/evening for individuals of the community to socialize and learn about their health. The Improved Nutrition and Physical Activity allows states to use preventive health and health services grants for activities and community education programs designed to address and prevent obesity and eating disorders according to Ferguson, Downey, Kornblet, Lopez, and Muldoon (2009). It is under this legislation or one similar that the researcher hopes to fund the community health

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