Community Health Promotion Paper

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Creating a healthier community through disease prevention and health promotion is an important part of enhancing health. “Prevention oriented approaches and services decrease morbidity and mortality rates” (Harkness and DeMarcus, 2016, p.32) As a nurse, it is our responsibility to serve the community and promote health by educating individuals the importance of disease prevention and good health practices. Nurses or healthcare staff must be involved in their community and identify the health problems and create an implementation to improve the health and safety of individuals. Federal government generated Healthy People 2020 to improve the health of many Americans. One of the goal of Healthy People 2020 is to “attain high-quality, longer …show more content…
Nurses are in the position to educate and empower the community by providing health care information and preventive measures. It starts by educating the community and organizing a biweekly health promotion event about healthy lifestyle such as not drinking alcohol, not using tobacco, importance of exercise, healthy diet and lifestyle. Organizing an end of the month health event to engage and educate the community about health prevention and health promotion. It is important to encourage the schools to enforce a tobacco free policy for faculty staff, students, and visitors. It is also a good idea to organize a free biweekly exercise program for the community residents. Likewise, placing advertising banners in the community that shows alcohol, smoking, and secondhand smoking is harmful for the health can increase the people’s awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco use. Lastly, it is important to help people cope with alcohol and tobacco use by connecting them to substance abuse (alcohol) and quit smoking …show more content…
My chosen community leaders will help me in educating the public to promote healthy lifestyles. It is imperative to decrease the incidence of obesity in the community, alcohol abuse, and tobacco use in the community. One of the desired outcomes that I hope to achieve as a result of my interventions is the increase of people’s understanding of the harmful effects of alcohol abuse and tobacco use. The second desired outcome is the decrease rate of substance abuse (alcohol) and tobacco use in the community. The third desired outcome is increase of people’s understanding of the importance of healthy diet and lifestyle as evidence by increase practice of healthy diet (substantial consumption of fruits, vegetable, and fiber) and avoidance of fast food. The last desired outcome that I hope to achieve is the increase of the community understanding on the importance of physical activity as evidence by increase fitness center sign up, and attendance in the organized biweekly exercise program.

In conclusion, nurses play an important role in their communities. As a nurse, it is a great satisfaction to be able to contribute and give back to the community. Educating the community about health prevention and health promotion can enhance health of individuals. According to Harkness and DeMarcus (2016,

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