Qualitative research

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  • Qualitative Research

    Around 15 educational journals are being consulted and retrieved from EBSCOhost. New Jersey Department of Education, Ne w Jersey State Standards and Common Core Standards will be consulted to compare study results. In the research quantitative information is considerate because state’s and districts reports shows statistic information that shows the actual students grades, and a qualitative will be included because the study is based in previous researches. Furthermore, data collection will be the main method of this study. According to National Science Foundation “Data are usually collected through qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative approaches aim to address the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of a program and tend to use unstructured methods of data collection to fully explore the topic. Qualitative questions are open-ended such as ‘why do participants enjoy the program?’ and ‘How does the program help increase self esteem for participants?” Research questions Questions to guide the investigation: 1. How teachers include Language Art in Math or Science…

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  • Qualitative Research Approach

    Introduction In her introduction (Padgett, 2004) stated that qualitative research offers an approach that is both complementary to, and transcendent of, conventional scientific inquiry. And she further went on to say that, its reach has extended far beyond the social sciences to a variety of professional fields. Grounded Theory is a research tool that enables you to seek out and conceptualize the underlying social patterns and structures of the area of interest through the process of constant…

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  • What Is Qualitative Research?

    When compared to quantitative studies, qualitative studies may be viewed by some as a weaker research approach because data collection is not based on formulas and mathematical equations (Fontes & Piercy, 2000, p.175). Rather, data is collected in a more personal way, through observations, interview questions, documents, and audiovisual information. Participants in the study do not have to be random, rather they can be hand picked by the researcher for specific purposes. Qualitative research…

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  • Dangers Of Qualitative Research

    of Mixing Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research in a B2B Environment Quantitative research studies (e.g., surveys or medical trials) and qualitative research studies (e.g., interviews or focus groups) are powerful tools in the hands of a trained marketer. Both forms of research are valid, and both provide useful insight into a market space, when properly conducted and appropriately interpreted. Yet they are as different as oil and water. Some of the differences between these processes…

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  • Ethics In Qualitative Research

    Researcher’s role. When measuring Qualitative Research, the researcher is an integral part of the research process. Before beginning the process, the researcher will make contact with the district and participants explain the intent of the research. The participants will have an opportunity to ask questions before they agree to the process. This process often begins with an inquiry and questions of the research. The researcher is also the facilitator of the group and will observe social…

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  • Qualitative Research Methodology

    Step 4: Design the research methodology. There are seven types Qualitative Research Methodologies that we identified: > Phenomenology: Goal is to describe experiences as they are lived. Explore, describe, and analyze the meaning of individual lived experiences; the appearance of things, or things as they appear in our experiences, or the way we experience things. What we remember or how we feel about those experiences. Researchers’ findings are from the subject’s point of view. Interviewing…

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  • Data Collection In Qualitative Research

    information and data from the field ought to be methodologically logical, for all intents and purposes and morally attainable, and fit for giving the kind of data required by the researcher. This is vital since it ensures that the data collected by the researcher is evaluated for the extent of information needed and their depth. Nonetheless, in data collection, there is evidence that the expense of the strategy, the precision of the information and the effectiveness of the information that is…

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  • Wittich And Trustworthiness In Qualitative Research

    The qualitative description approach is utilized to describe an individual’s lived experience in his or her own terms or understandings – it is a recognition of various shared experiences, social interactions, and a comprehensive analysis of an experience in the ordinary, layman terms of that particular event (Sandelowski, 2000; Willis, Sullivan-Bolyai, Knafl, & Cohen, 2016; Frankel & Devers, 2000). This type of qualitative methodology can be particularly insightful for analyzing individual…

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  • Qualitative Research: Philosophical Assumptions

    Qualitative research encompasses a variety of methodologies that normally begin with a frame of reference or that are guided by philosophical assumptions that “inform the conduct and writing of the qualitative study.”1 In the text Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing Among Five Traditions, John W. Creswell provides five philosophical assumptions that lead to the choice behind qualitative research: ontology, epistemology, axiology, rhetorical, and methodological assumptions.2…

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  • Qualitative Research On Human Resource

    Using Qualitative Research in Human Resource Introduction During this scholarly activity, I will identify several qualitative methods and tools used in Human Resource (HR) Departments in the decision making process. Second, I will discuss how these methods, tools are effective, and in which context they yield the best results. Next, I will give some examples of how various companies or organizations have used these methods and tools and the results they received. Finally, I will apply my…

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