Qualitative Research On Human Resource

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Using Qualitative Research in Human Resource
During this scholarly activity, I will identify several qualitative methods and tools used in Human Resource (HR) Departments in the decision making process. Second, I will discuss how these methods, tools are effective, and in which context they yield the best results. Next, I will give some examples of how various companies or organizations have used these methods and tools and the results they received. Finally, I will apply my opinion to the future of qualitative research in human resource departments as well in general use of a business or organization as a whole. Using qualitative methods and tools in Human Resource is a wonderful way to gain insight into your company although these methods and tools yield informative results if they are not properly and monitored it can give the wrong information. Understanding these methods and tools as well as using them correctly helps built a business stronger from the inside out.
Qualitative Methods Used in HR Departments Johns & Gorrick (2016) noted a great qualitative tool used by HR Departments is an exit interview, which is similar to a survey that is given at the conclusion of an employee 's time with the company. This exit interview is where the employee is given multiple opportunities to give detailed reasons for leaving the company to help the company understand employee turnovers. This is a great qualitative tool allowing HR Departments the opportunity

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