Human Resources Audit

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Sandy Lake Rehabilitation and Care Center was the chosen facility for the Green group to complete a human resource audit. Sandy Lake Rehabilitation and Care Center is a for-profit nursing home, located in Coppell, Texas, and has been in operation for 24 years. The mission of Sandy Lake Rehabilitation and Care Center is specifically designed to meet the healthcare needs of seniors and elderly needing short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing services. It has a total of 123 beds. The occupancy rate is 75 percent. This facility accepts Medicare and Medicaid. The facility has a total staff count of 110 people, 12 being in managerial positions and 7 in supervisory positions. There are six departments: nursing, dietary, housekeeping,
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The modern business climate places the responsibility on the HR department to receive the challenge of doing more with less, while contributing significance toward business objectives. Humans are not only the resources of organizations but are the key device of their development. It is not sufficient to say, humans are our most precious assets of business (Olalla, Marta 2002). Instead, it must be said that the organization is a conception of our people. HR managers should offer real proof that they have a strategic business impression. Management is often inquiring, “How are we doing?” However, this is not an easy question to answer. This is mainly so when it is challenging to acquire some type of objective gaging tool to define how well a certain HR function is being executed. HR managers must visibly exhibit how HR services can achieve the business objectives set forth by the business. The human resource services are often passed over for audits/measurement tools to evaluate and measure its usefulness and legal regulatory agreement. However, the human resource audit is a method that sets the stage for a thorough transformation in human resource strategy and services (Olalla, Marta 2002). It binds human resource systems and services to business objectives while …show more content…
The interviews were also conducted to provide insight on various perspectives of how the facility responds to Human Resource related issues and the role of the Human Resource department at Sandy Lake Rehabilitation and Care Center. After the two interviews were conducted an employee survey consisting of 18 questions was handed out to 60 employees from every department including administration.
The interviews took place with Babu Kariampally, Human Resource Manager and John Wilson, Administrator, at Sandy Lake Rehabilitation and Care Center. A total of 43 questions were asked to get a better, in depth, look at the overall HR department. The Human Resource Department consists of Babu Kariampally, the HR Manager and Ms. Mackey, the Regional HR Director and Regional Consultant. Babu Kariampally handles nearly 95 percent of all HR issues. Ms. Mackey is only called for assistance in matters such as legal and technical issues regarding HR management and how to go about handling certain HR

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