Qualitative Research Methodology Essay

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Step 4: Design the research methodology. There are seven types Qualitative Research Methodologies that we identified:
> Phenomenology: Goal is to describe experiences as they are lived. Explore, describe, and analyze the meaning of individual lived experiences; the appearance of things, or things as they appear in our experiences, or the way we experience things. What we remember or how we feel about those experiences. Researchers’ findings are from the subject’s point of view. Interviewing is the major data source for this method.
> Ethnography: Purpose is to describe a culture’s characteristic. The study of groups, communities, organizations: how members of these communities interact with one another, the various roles individuals have within these communities, their traditions, habits of the
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Qualitative sampling techniques are concerned with seeking information from specific groups and subgroups within the population. The reseacher gives a description of the population under investigation and identifies the sampling techniques used to select individuals for the study.
Step 5: Determine the data collection methods that will be used to collect the study data. Qualitative data collection methods include: structured interviews, semi-structured interviews, unstructured interviews, focus groups, participant and non-participant observations.
Step 6: Determine the data collection tools. When performing a qualitative research project you must determine the appropriate data collection tools. Some tools for collecting qualitative data include: videotape/audiotape recording interviews, open-ended questionnaires, surveys and documentation.
Step 7: Collect the Data. In qualitative research data are collected through direct encounters with individuals. Data collection occurs in the natural setting. Data collection occurs in the field where the participant(s) experienced the problem or

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