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  • Quantum Dots Essay

    Nano-dots in Mammalian Gametes Imagining1 The Nano-dots, or Quantum Dots (QD), are nano-scale semiconductor devices with diameter up to 10nm, which were first discovered in 1980s2. Once stimulated, they give emission of light with specific colours, which is then visualised1-3. These nano particles have high size-tunability, once illuminated, different emission wavelength can be obtained by manipulating the size of dots3. Inorganic QDs are made up of two components, an atom-cluster core with selenium or cadmium, and a shell made of inorganic materials. The inorganic shell has ability to cross-link with larger organic particles such as peptides and DNA, assuring their application in biotechnical field, such as biological tags and bio-imaging sources2. Because of their high extinction coefficient, quantum dots also have intensive application in optical-related industry, such as in solar cell and photodetector devices2. Once attached on specific proteins, quantum dots become an effective tool in bioluminescence imaging3. The migration of target cell or protein can be tracked, providing valuable information in embryology, physiology and pharmacokinetics field3. A number of biomedical researches have applied this technology, such as cancer study and Parkinson’s diseases study. Large amount of information can be obtained through…

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  • Physics Of Q-Dots Lab Report

    Introduction Quantum dots (Q-Dots) is very small semiconductor particles that means it can be either conductors or resist electricity depending on the temperature and purity of the semiconductor. Q-dots range in size from 2-10 nm, so because of their small size, quantum mechanics governs the physics of the particles. The synthesis Q-Dots were first studied in 1982 by Efros and Ekimov, and then many developments have reported the synthesis of semiconductor nanoparticles.1 Q-Dots have unique…

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  • Benzenethiol Ligand Study

    In this study, the effect of benzenethiol ligand on CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots was investigated. Conventional long-chain oleic acid (OA) and trioctylphosphine (TOP) capping ligands were partially replaced by short benzenethiol ligands, and the improvement in the luminescence performance was observed in quantum dot light emitting diodes (QD-LED). Approximately 1.8 fold improvement was achieved for both the maximum luminance and maximum current efficiency for the QD-LEDs fabricated with…

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  • Key Test Learning Test

    How do you administer the items? - The child draws a line from the black dot to the gray dot. Further instructions are given once there are multiple starting points (i.e., more than one black dot) or there are no dots at all to follow – these instructions are given on the second page of the test where the examinee is reminded of the initial instructions and is told that for items with no dots, they can start anywhere. Individual items are not timed – the entire test is timed. 7. Basal rule - If…

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  • Apple Pay Case

    decline in available addresses for IPv4. Several methods were implemented in order save the remaining addresses. One of them included the use of Network Address Translation. NAT provides a method of allowing several addresses to be connected to the internet through a public IP address. There are many problems associated with NAT which is not prevalent in IPv6. This has seen a drastic improvement in performance by using IPv6. External Data Representation IPv6 uses hexadecimal notation which…

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  • Proposed Enterprise-Wide Computing Case Study

    I: Introduction / Overview Proposed Enterprise-Wide Computing Solution A small publishing company consisting of fifty employees located on a single floor with glass cubicles has many things to consider when contemplating the computing needs of its employees. The first question that would need to be addressed would be are employees going to work strictly in the office or will employees also be required to work remotely from home and customer locations. Answering this question will help us…

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  • John Thompson And John Dalton: The First Atomic Model

    unstable atom is not true, otherwise we would not be here today. Therefore this model must be altered to fit our new understanding of the structure of the atom. This is where Niels Bohr’s Bohr Model comes into play. Unlike Rutherford’s Planetary model, the Bohr Model has placed strict restrictions on where the electron can and cannot go. Bohr found that the electrons will travel around the atom at discrete energy levels, never between. He determined that electrons are quantized, which means they…

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  • Ultrafast Electron Microscopy Analysis

    Ultrafast Electron Microscopy has been demonstrated to be an effective table-top technique for imaging the temporally-evolving dynamics of matter with subparticle spatial resolution on the time scale of atomic motion. A stringent enhancement of the UEM temporal resolution is demanded for recording snapshots of the electron motion which will provide a real-time access to all microscopic motions outside the atomic core and radically change our insight into the workings of the microcosm. Here, we…

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  • J. J Thomson: The Discovery Of Atoms

    J.J Thomson was born in Cheetham Hill, a suburban area in Manchester, England on December 18, 1856. Thomson was a Nobel Prize winning physicist with his research that helped discover the electrons of an atom. J.J Thomson full name was Joseph John Thomson, He was an English physicist and mathematician. Joseph Thomson was considered to be a prodigy at his time, becoming the first to be 14 and attending college. Joseph Thomson’s father was a book seller who intended Thomson to become an engineer.…

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  • Kinetic And Potential Energy

    INTRODUCTION • Energy is a scalar quantity. • It was first hypothesized by Newton to express kinetic and potential energies. • We cannot observe energy directly, but we can measure it using indirect methods and analyze its value. • Energy may be in different forms, such as potential, kinetic, magnetic or electrical. Potential energy of a system is by virtue of its location with respect to gravitational field. If an object has a mass m, located at elevation h, and acceleration due to gravity is…

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