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  • Key Test Learning Test

    are not comparable to the rest of the sample. - Adult norms collected in 2005-2006 3. The child’s name, age, date of examination and name of examiner is needed on the record form 4. Examination date minus child’s birthdate – count more than 15 days as one month 5. There is no introduction to the test/subtest – it is not necessary to come up with one. 6. The manual is oddly organized. I found it was difficult to find essential material as it was spread all throughout the manual. Section B: Specific (Subtest) Information 6. Starting point is age-dependent 13. Standard way of obtaining a raw score. 14. Standard scores, NCE’s, T-scores, scaled scores, percentiles, and age-equivalents are available VMI (Green Form) 1. Essence of the test - Tests both visual-motor integration. Individuals copy items from a stimulus item. 2. Any extra materials you need? - The child will need a pencil without eraser, the test booklet, and a protractor is needed for scoring. - The booklet needs to be placed straight in front of child and the examiner flips page when necessary. 3. Are there any initial instructions? - Children over functional age 5 start at item 7 and are asked to copy a form. 4. Practice items and responses - You do need to talk and point for the practice items – item 4-6 (however, it is not needed for children over 5). - The examiner does not say anything if the child gets an item correct or incorrect. 5. How do you administer the items? - Point to the item and tell them…

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  • Chain Of Custody Model

    procedural model prevents the same test to be run over, and over again, on the same piece of evidence; it is a way for the police and forensic analysts to save time and money. An efficient time-saving method the police use is a pre-printed form on the outer side of the evidence containers; as a result, the forensic examiner fills out the form and places the evidence in the container, with the filled out form on the container, preventing misplacement of the form (Saferstein, 2015). According to…

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  • Computer Forensics Investigator Or Examiner

    A Computer Forensics Investigator/Examiner is someone who analyzes computers and other digital devices to assist with police investigations. They help the police with computer based and cyber and non-cybercrimes. They are able to gather, recover, and locate evidence for electronic devices that may have been deleted or is hidden from plain sight. They work on identity theft, electronic fraud, and other scams. There are no educational requirements necessary to become a Computer Forensics…

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  • Summary: A Career As A Financial Examiner

    The career I am researching is that of a financial examiner. Basically, a financial examiner goes over balance sheets and other financial statements to ensure that all laws governing financial institutions and transactions are being followed. They also asses the level of risk versus reward in loans, as well as the management of banks(Bureau of Labor Statistics). I chose this career because it is in the field of finance, which is just about the only major I know I want to pursue. Financial…

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  • Dental Examiners Case Study

    Indemnification may be needed to adequately protect state board members. In Dental Examiners, the Supreme Court choose not to address whether board members could be personally liable for monetary damages as individuals, but they did suggest it was possible. Scholars have found that individual damages against board members is likely given antitrust law on this subject. This raises real concerns because it may make it harder for the state to recruit board members if potential members fear…

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  • Case Study Of Dental Examiners

    to provide for the indemnification of board members. Indemnification means to compensate someone for loss or damages sustained. In this context, it would mean covering the damages that individual board members would sustain in antitrust lawsuits. In Dental Examiners, the Supreme Court choose not to address whether board members could be personally liable for monetary damages as individuals, but they did suggest it was possible. Scholars have found that individual damages against board…

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  • Nurse Examiner Interview Paper

    The interview I completed was with Cindy Dikmen, who is an emergency room registered nurse and a certified sexual assault nurse examiner at a local hospital. In order to be a certified sexual assault nurse examiner, a registered nurse must complete 40 hours of certification training. In addition to the training, shadowing experienced sexual assault examiner, is also recommended in order to build skills. Training also teaches how to interview victims in order to record an accurate statement. The…

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  • Affirmative Action Do What It Should By Dan Slatermarch Analysis

    Sociology 2160-100The article “Does Affirmative Action Do What It Should?” by Dan Slatermarch asserts in many ways why affirmative action does work and why it doesn’t work. Clarence Thomas who is now an associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States stated reasons on why he opposed affirmative actions. In the article he told New York Times in 1982, “that affirmative action placed students in programs above their abilities (par 5).” He later on begin to assert how he watch the…

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  • Viral Conjunctivitis Case Study

    Based on Sherry’s health history, the examiner decided to perform vital signs and focused physical examination of the eyes and its associated systems. Therefore, the examiner performed a physical exam of head, ears, eyes, nose and throat (HEENT). Like other parts of the physical exam, it begins with inspection, and then proceeds to palpation (Bickley & Szilagyi, 2013). After taking Sherry’s health history, her Vital signs were taken in order to find out if there is any change in her baseline,…

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  • Crime Scene Investigation Essay

    There are 3 main methods of documentation used by crime scene examiners firstly it’s a visual examination along with crime scene notes. This is the first examination that will happen when the examiner arrives on the scene. The detailed notes that would be taken will include the details about the offence, address of the location where the offence has taken place, both the time and date of the offence and examination completed by the examiner, along with the names of both the victim and the crime…

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