Quantum Dots Essay

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Nano-dots in Mammalian Gametes Imagining1

The Nano-dots, or Quantum Dots (QD), are nano-scale semiconductor devices with diameter up to 10nm, which were first discovered in 1980s2. Once stimulated, they give emission of light with specific colours, which is then visualised1-3. These nano particles have high size-tunability, once illuminated, different emission wavelength can be obtained by manipulating the size of dots3. Inorganic QDs are made up of two components, an atom-cluster core with selenium or cadmium, and a shell made of inorganic materials. The inorganic shell has ability to cross-link with larger organic particles such as peptides and DNA, assuring their application in biotechnical field, such as biological tags and bio-imaging sources2. Because of their high extinction coefficient, quantum dots also have intensive application in optical-related industry, such as in solar cell and photodetector devices2.

Once attached on specific proteins, quantum dots become an effective tool in bioluminescence imaging3. The migration of target cell or protein can be tracked, providing valuable information in embryology, physiology and pharmacokinetics field3. A number of biomedical researches have applied this technology, such as cancer study and Parkinson’s diseases study. Large amount of information can be obtained through
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The quantum nanodots can be clearly visualised under stable status, but the oocyte maturation process is too long to perform the real-time monitoring1. Therefore, this method has the limitation to visualise long-lasting cellular or tissue events. Another problem related with the method is the quality of the image, all tissues have some detectable background signals, which may interfere with the nanodots signal, leading to reduced detecting sensitivity6. Thus, choosing correct nanodots and signal detectors based on type of studied sample is also a big workload for

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