Dot-com bubble

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  • Analysis: How The Possible Engorged

    2.2.2 How the bubble engorged The booming market formed a strong belief that there existed a strong new economy which was untouched by instabilities and crisis so that analysis of financial data was irrelevant. “Dot-com” business were flooded, many of which were start-ups by new grads and inexperienced entrepreneurs, who did not have a clear vision, strategy, knowledge, earnings or financial planning. A clear indication of the bubble was NASDAQ index, which had skyrocketed from 600 points in 1995 to 5048 points in 2000. 2.2.3 How the bubble exploded The ruling on the antitrust case against Microsoft, which was declared a supremacy in early April, 2000 is considered as the point where the bubble bust started. Consequently, the NASDAQ lost…

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  • The Failure Of Macroeconomics

    his field’s rigor. “Economics is scientific; it follows the scientific method of stating a formal refutable theory, testing the theory, and revising the theory based on the evidence,” he wrote. Such is the nature of macroeconomics. Unlike physics or chemistry, there are no absolute laws that govern the way things work in macroeconomics. It’s a social science that continues to evolve every single day with newly discovered evidence by macroeconomists. Whether it is the Great Depression, the…

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  • Amazon Stock Analysis Paper

    AMZN Stock Analysis History: Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos (current CEO) under the original name of Cadabra. Bezos left his position of Vice-President of D. E. Shaw & Co in order to create his new company. The company’s name was eventually changed to Amazon in 1995 as Amazon was much more marketable than Cadabra. Starting out as an online book retailer, Amazon found immediate success. In the first two months, Amazon was already selling in all 50 States as well as 45 different…

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  • Americanization In Europe Essay

    Without American creations such as the Iphone, World Wide Web, and Search engines we would not be able to grow and connect with one another as freely as we can today. A prime example of how these things have helped us connect is when the American Company Netscape went public (Friedman 37). The creation of Netscape did two things, brought internet alive by giving the world the browser to display images and data stored on website, and data stored on websites. Netscape also triggered the dot-com…

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  • Lisa Burkart-Uv Analysis Of A Housing Bubble

    Analysis Of A Housing Bubble Conrad M. Landis ENG103 March 17, 2014 Lisa Burkart-Uva Analysis Of A Housing Bubble The late 1990 's introduced the dotcom era to the world. Hopes were high as businesses were seemingly being created overnight. The rush was on by the public and investors alike to sink their savings into the promise of these start up companies. Technology was advancing and all appeared well in the world of investing. Companies would go public on the stock market…

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  • Textual Analysis Interview

    First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude to our professor Chris McEvoy for presenting us with the opportunity to conduct an interview with a startup, as it was a mind changing event for me. For our interview, the startup that agreed to work with us was Socio: A next level event experience. The main model of this startup is to make an event a fun experience and cut down the needs of carrying business cards. They developed an android, iOS app that helps user to share information with…

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  • Dotcom Bubble Vs Railway Mania

    PAPER: DOT.COM BUBBLE vs RAILWAY MANIA INTRODUCTION Our world has suffered numerous economic crisis ever since we had a concept of money. One may argue that economic crisis and economic growth go hand-in-hand. A very frequent source of economic crisis are speculative bubbles which essentially tailspin our economy into a euphoric state. They fill our investors with irrational exuberance, and coax them to go on an expensive investing spree. This goes on until the speculative behaviour flings our…

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  • Short Story: Dot's Donut Shop

    never seen before but it reminded him of something he saw earlier when he was looking at the latest alien U.F.O sightings. Tom couldn’t believe his eyes. Was it real? In a hurry Tom rushed over to Dots Donuts where the U.F.O was hovering over. There was this bright green human-like figure standing in front of the shop. “Who dare passes?” The screechy voice startled Tom. “I uh I.” Tom stammered. He saw another figure run out of the door, but this was no alien. “Help me! Help! Please!” No way…

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  • Key Test Learning Test

    How do you administer the items? - The child draws a line from the black dot to the gray dot. Further instructions are given once there are multiple starting points (i.e., more than one black dot) or there are no dots at all to follow – these instructions are given on the second page of the test where the examinee is reminded of the initial instructions and is told that for items with no dots, they can start anywhere. Individual items are not timed – the entire test is timed. 7. Basal rule - If…

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  • Beluga Fish Research Paper

    Beluga whales have captured our childhood hearts and imaginations through a very popular nursery rhyme. Anyone remember the line "See the water squirting out of your spout" from the Baby Beluga song? Well, it turns out that beluga whales might squirt water out for a reason, and researchers think they know why. Bursting the Beluga's Bubble As reported in,…

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