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  • Peanut Farming Case Study

    Introduction One of the largest industries located in Dothan, Alabama today is peanut farming. Known as the “Peanut Capital of the World”, an astonishing half of the peanuts in the United States of America were produced within a 100-mile radius of Dothan Alabama (Alabama Farmers Federation). Dothan is also home to the Alabama Peanut Producers Association an organization that is interested in promotion, research and educational activities dedicated to enhancing the peanut industry (Thompson, 2013). Currently there are about 9 peanut farms located in Dothan. On average, Dothan produces about 400 million pounds of peanuts a year and that number is expecting to increase in years to come. In addition, Dothan holds National Peanut Festival that…

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  • Surplus Warehouse Case Study

    If you need to replace your carpets or your flooring, it’s important to choose materials that are eco-friendly. At Surplus Warehouse in Dothan, Alabama, the friendly and knowledgeable team helps everyone from homeowners and landlords to small businessmen and house flippers choose home improvement materials that are safe for their health and the planet. For more than 130 years, the partners at Surplus Warehouse have been providing high-quality building supplies at affordable prices. Buying a…

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  • Summary: Common Car Accident Lawsuit Case

    At M. Adam Jones & Associates, LLC, we know how stressful a car accident can be. Between the medical bills, insurance claims, auto repairs, and emotional distress, accident victims can often become overwhelmed. If you have questions regarding your legal options following a car accident, a Dothan, AL auto accident lawyer can help familiarize you with the lawsuit process. Here are seven common car accident lawsuit questions and answers. 7 Common Car Accident Lawsuit Questions Do I Need an Auto…

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  • Sexual Harassment Complaint

    Filing a Sexual Harassment Complaint The Dothan City School System includes a process for filing a sexual harassment complaint in their Personnel Board Policies under Section 5.14, sub - section(s) 5.14.3 and 5.14.4. Sexual harassment is recognized by the Dothan City Schools Board of Education (DCBOE) as a form of sexual discrimination which is prohibited by anyone connected to or representing the DCBOE. The system has both an informal and formal complaint process in place. The informal…

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  • Monica Dinoto Case Study

    Origin Monica DiNoto was born on September 27th, 1996 in Dothan, Alabama. Dothan is a small city located about twenty miles north of the Florida state line. Monica is the first-born child of Thomas and Tamora DiNoto. Thomas and Tamora first met in 11th grade English class in Norwich High School in Norwich, NY and have been together ever since. Thomas, Monica’s father is approximately 80% Italian decent and 20% Lebanese. Tamora, Monica’s mother is a mix of German, Irish, and Native American.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: How I Changed My Life

    everything i knew- my friends and family. This caused a lot of tension about wanting to separate us. Eventually we were forced to decide, i chose to go wherever kiaria chose to go. While this was going on i stayed with my god mom, resulting in me having to spend everyday alone with my dog. Just like how Cisneros spent a lot of time alone because her brothers thought she was beneath them (Paragraph 3 line 2). Soon I became depressed not realizing the effects it would have in the long run. My…

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  • Bamboozled Film Analysis

    a Nordic god, in Thor. There was debate about whether or not a man of color should play the character, but Branagh defends himself by saying that Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra and other white actors played people of color, yet he gets hate for being a man of color playing a white character. Racism has been a dominant force in media for years, starting with minstrel shows that demeaned African Americans. Bamboozled, directed by Spike Lee, tells a story about a modern day minstrel show that…

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  • Genesis Conflict Analysis

    lot for Joseph. He brought back “bad reports”. To compound the fact that he received favor in the eyes of their father, Joseph received a special tunic and then began to speak of having a dream in which their sheaves bowed down to his sheaf. He then had another dream that caused them to dislike him more because he pronounced that they all, including his father and mother, would bow to him. His father then sends Joseph to check on his brothers, who were tending the flock at Sheckem. Joseph…

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  • Example Of Mental Illness In Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson

    One of the examples of mental illness used in Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson was the case of Herbert Richardson. Herbert had a girlfriend; he tried to date and wanted to marry her someday. She resisted at first because he was suffering from the side effects of the Vietnam War. Herbert became overly obsessive over her in the relationship. She tried to break up with him. Instead, Herbert moved closer to her home in Dothan. It got to the point where she would refuse to talk to him or even go near…

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  • Describe The Differences Between Joseph And Hebrew Bible

    of the obvious favoritism. While in the Qur’an the favoritism is nearly assumed, or one might think because of the missing details. The Qur’an gets to the point faster than the Hebrew bible. In the Hebrew Bible the story builds up to the moment when they plot to get rid of Joseph, but in the Qur’an the scheme takes place right in the beginning. There are some major plot differences between the two texts of the prophet Joseph. In the Qur’an the brothers beg the father to take Joseph away so they…

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