Double bass

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  • Beethoven Musical Style

    two treble, two tenor, and two bass. Eventually the three standard viols sizes were insufficient to keep up with the new trends and as many as six different sizes were created, including the sub bass whose length was about seven feet tall. Musical styles…

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  • Bull Guitar History

    Nicknamed the “Bull fiddle”, the bass is one of a handful of instruments that played a significant role in the development of music during the 20th century. The bass gained much of its momentum as the popularity of the New Orleans brass and jazz bands was spreading throughout the US, and it eventually took on such an essential role that it was forced to evolve. The new bass players were slowly transitioning the bass from accompaniment to a solo instrument. As it moved from the background to the…

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  • Orchestra Concert Report

    37 was my favorite part of the entire night. The concerto starts of with a mysterious low bass sounding melody brought in by the cello section that is echoed by the clarinets and trumpets in a higher octave. Once the cellos and violins enter the space of the sound building within the orchestra, the tempo slows down to a softer, controlled sounding melody that is accented by the quick separated notes played by the flutes. A few minutes into the piece the pianist adds in and establishes a trade…

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  • The Sinners Choir: Music Analysis

    structural principles to offer the members of his group maximum melodic and rhythmic freedom,” (Anderson 2007, 1). He accomplished an improvised approach to the Jazz genre by providing the opportunity for each musician to play inside or outside conventional cords. In the same sense, The Sinners Choir continues to celebrate the Americana/ Free Jazz genre that was developed by Coleman, but with a fresh sound heavily influenced by New Orleans and Chicago style Jazz. This is recognized…

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  • Krzyztof Tenderecki Analysis

    Throughout the timeline of Music, There has been many different genres and styles created by Musicians, throughout this timeline we received the 20th Century genre of Impressionism. The genre focuses on conveying emotions and moods behind a pacific event or a reflection on how the composer is feeling, an example of Impressionism genre that gives the audience the feel of emotion is Krzytof Penderecki’s Impressionism piece Thernody for the Victims of Hiroshima, which he has transformed the…

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  • The Suzuki Method

    The idea of a String Methods class in undergraduate study is to explore the different approaches that happen around the world. There will be some methods more renowned than others, and of course, those will prevail and outshine the rest. However, this class will go into specific details of the classical instruments like Violin, Viola, Cello, and String Bass and how they are used throughout these String Methods. Consequently, these string instruments play a huge role in the music world around us;…

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  • Number 8: Double Bass Essay

    Becoming a musician is a long, difficult process of trial and error that rarely ends in fame or monetary success. However, for musicians, when the work does pay off, it pays off big. But if you're new to music, you might be overwhelmed by the choices. Where to begin? We'll show you! Here, we present a list of the eight most approachable instruments for those musicians who are just starting out and aren't sure what to choose. Number Eight: Double Bass. Though this behemoth bass may look…

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  • Horizontal Bass Essay

    All about that bass The horizontal bass has a vague history. Many bassist believe Leo Fender was the first creator of the horizontal bass; but, they’re not completely right. Though Fender made the “ Precision “ bass ( which was the first good sounding bass ) there were at least 4 prototypes before that. The modern bass was a grandchild to the seventeenth century double bass. The first notable change was in the nineteen-twenties by a man named Lloyd Loar, which at the time worked for a notable…

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  • Dragonetti's Accomplishments

    Dragonetti spent much of his life experimenting on the bass, working to perfect its capabilities. In his younger days he had sampled both the four string and the three string basses but preferred the three string which he would tune in various ways. He was one of the first to drop the tuning from A- D- G to G- D- G, giving him access to lower pitches. When he played Der Freischütz he would lower the A string down to F# for the first two movements. His hard work and experimentations with the bass…

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  • Jazz Improvisation Ensemble Concert Report

    Turrentine, “Moon Alley” by Tom Harrell, and “Chicken Dog” by John Scofield; and the One O’clock Jazz Improvisation with charts that included “Joy Spring” by Clifford Brown, “Theme for Ernie” by Fred Lacey, and “Lyresto” by Kenny Burrell. For the in depth discussion, I have chosen to focus on “Chicken Dog” by Scofield. This piece by Scofield featured a quintet type ensemble that had Victoria Batta on flute, Joseph Buschatzke on guitar, Benjamin Purper on electric bass, Daniel Murphy on…

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