Douglas MacArthur

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  • General Douglas Macarthur: A True Military Hero

    General Douglas MacArthur Born January 26, 1880, Douglas MacArthur grew to be one of the nation’s finest Military leaders of all time. His military career began in West Point on June 13, 1899-June 13, 1819. He later helped lead the 42nd Division in France during World War I for four years. After WWI, he took on positions of high authority and responsibility. From being the superintendent of West Point on June 1, 1919; Chief of Staff; Field Marshall of the Philippines; Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces; then Commander of U.S. Forces in Korea, General Dougal MacArthur demonstrated capability and potential of the Army Core Values and Warrior Ethos. His drive and ambition occurred in the heart of the Philippines. General MacArthur’s journey…

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  • Douglas Macarthur's Impact On Japan

    made you feel you’d contributed a boon to the whole human race” (“Douglas MacArthur” 1). MacArthur came from a background of a strict military upbringing. His father and grandfather were both generals and being raised on a military base MacArthur was destined to be a part of the United States military. His life was shaped and structured, but he had a special quality others lacked. He was a man with a mind ingenious and a heart of gold. Douglas MacArthur’s extraordinary efforts in Japan have…

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  • General Douglas Macarthur's Farewell Address

    General Douglas MacArthur’s Farewell Address: Duty, Honor, Country. On May 12, 1962 General Douglas MacArthur spent his last day on duty at West Point and gave his very famous Farewell Address. President Kennedy had just been elected President of the United States and the Americans were head over heels for him. He gave an overwhelming peace among the U.S. with his caring words of charisma. Many things were happening in this time period such as the fight for Civil Rights among the African…

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  • Macarthur Vs Macarthur

    of the Truman Doctrine. In presenting the doctrine, the President emphatically asked Americans to commit to a world-wide anti-communist movement that continues to guide foreign policy to this day. The firing of Douglas MacArthur, an influential and popular General due to his accomplishments of World War II, is arguably a contradiction of the fight against communism, as MacArthur was a proven opponent (LaFeber, 2008). So why was he dismissed? The controversy between the President and General…

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  • Marines Research Papers

    General MacArthur was open about his animosity towards Marine forces being on the ground because he felt that they were taking funds to do the same job as the Army. After his proposal to the president and Congress to move all Marine forces to the control of the Army, the Commandant of the Marine Corp was “impressed with the gravity of the threat” (80), and he knew that something must be done to preserve the branch. He decided to carry out the already proposed plan to make the Marines a landing…

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  • Bataan Death Scenarios

    had passed his commander, James Ivy. His commander was stripped and roped to a tree so everyone could see his torso blanketed with “bayonet holes” (WGBH, 2009). One of the very few veterans that escaped, Leon Beck, explains how he got away. He intentionally slid down the side of a road and made his way to a nearby river. From there he hid himself in the vast array of bushes and weeds where he waited until the group marched passed to where they were no longer in sight (WGBH, 2009). On September…

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  • Operation Watchtower Analysis

    Operation Watchtower provides an exceptional reference to illustrate American commanders’ application of operational art in the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) during World War II. This paper analyzes the roles of Admiral Earnest J. King and Major General Alexander Vandegrift as operational artists during planning and execution of Operation Watchtower. Their understanding of the link among lines of operation, decisive points, operational reach, culmination, and risk directly contributed to…

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  • Leyte Gulf Battle Analysis

    General MacArthur was commanding the Southwest Pacific forces and his primary focus was to move north into the Philippines as Admiral Nimitz approached from the east with his Central Pacific force. With weight of the United States Pacific force approaching the Philippines, Japan needed to hold its defensive line and make its stand, but they did not know where it would come within the island chain. Japanese Admiral Toyoda in a post war interview explained the need for the Japanese to stop the…

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  • Douglas Macarthur: An Inspirational Leader

    Douglas MacArthur was a great and inspirational leader that fought in the first and the second world war as well as the Korean war. He became a general almost at the start of his military career for his services of the U.S military. He is easily an inspirational leader in the way he did his duties in his military life with his fullest ability. He did what he said he would do and he made sure it was done. Douglas MacArthur is an inspirational leader in what he did in the military and for how he…

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  • Douglas Macarthur Speech: American Policy In The Pacific

    During the the Douglas Macarthur speech about “American policy in the Pacific” Macarthur speech was his decisions about the war-even they were against truman ( A.K.A President truman). The reasoning behind this is just because he was trying to avoid the third war. The reason why I say this because in the speech “American policy in the pacific” the three thing that he state about how he is right about what is he said is that he was in the WWI and WWII, he was the president of west point and…

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