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  • Playing A Bass Guitar Essay

    sound? Have you ever wanted to impress your friends by playing a musical instrument? Are six strings to much for you? If you answered yes to any of these, then the electric bass may be for you. If you found that the guitar’s 6 string layout was just too complex, then try the basses 4 string layout. The strings are much thicker, they are easier to play, and the tone is much lower than a guitar. Some things you should take into consideration are the body shape, bass guitar color, and the number of strings on your bass. You need to make sure the bass guitar feels comfortable in your arms when you play. It is important the body isn’t too big, or too…

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  • Bohemian Rhapsody Analysis

    to the dream like tone. A piano and bass guitar beginning to play marks the transition from the introduction to the ballad. After a few seconds the vocals enter and start singing in a softly sung manor. After mercury sings a couple lines starting with “mama”; his voice progressively turns from soft to extremely passionate. At the same time, there is a modulation to a new key as the drums come in. Playing the old theme in a new key, Mercury ends this section with the line “I sometimes wish I’d…

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  • Favorite Song Assignment

    The song I have chosen for the My Favorite Song Assignment is “Crazy On You,” by the rock group Heart. It has been my all-time favorite song since I was in high school, and was one of the first songs I learned how to play on guitar. It is a stellar example of rock music that was popular in the seventies and displays the accomplished songwriting talents of lead singer Ann Wilson, her guitar-playing sister Nancy, as well as the contributions of the other members of the band: Howard Leese, Roger…

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  • Concert Review: My House Is The Red American Musical Effect

    On Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 8:00 pm, I have attended a performance by Joy Harjo and her friends Mitch Taylor who played the guitar, Dave Copenhaver who played the bass guitar, and Smiling’ Vic Gutierrez who played the drums and vocals. I had specifically chose this performance to do my report on because I wanted to feel what actual Native American music would be like in concert as opposed to what we naturally think of when it comes to Native American music. For me, that would include heavy…

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  • The Girl Is Mine Analysis

    It began with creepy sound effects including the slamming of doors, thunder crashes, and the ticking of a clock. The vocals start at 1:00, which was a very long introduction in comparison to tracks 2 and 3. Michael Jackson’s voice paints the picture of a horror movie mixed with a pop song. I enjoyed the trumpet’s staccato notes at 1:45. “Thriller” is a song that is easy to be stuck in someone’s head because it is so catchy. I enjoyed the bass part even though it was repetitive. The vibe of the…

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  • Rock 'N' Roll: A Brief History Of Rock Music

    The genre I have chosen is Rock. Common instruments used in Rock music are mostly amplified instruments, like the electric guitar and electric bass. Rock also uses strong baseline and driving rhythms. Rock music, which was developed from rock ‘n’ roll, originated from the late 1940’s in the United States. It was influenced by country and blues music that started making a new sound using electric guitars and a balanced drum beat, which was a faster beat and rhythm instead of a slow one. Rock…

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  • Phil Vassar At The Millersport Sweet Corn Festival

    The concert I went to see was Phil Vassar at the Millersport Sweet Corn Festival. It took place at 8pm in Millersport, Ohio on September 4, 2015. I never seen Phil before, and I’ve heard many positive things about him before attending. I heard that he has written various songs for many other famous artists. Two artists in particular include Tim McGraw and Jo Dee Messina during the 1990s. I also heard that Phil likes to interact with the crowd during his shows to make them more interesting. As…

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  • Heavy Metal Music Analysis

    Music is the international medium that can link both mind and soul. From sophisticated, well drawn out classical music, to drums and rocks in Aboriginal tribes in Africa, music is a natural and seemingly God-given talent we all possess. “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent,” it is supernatural yet so uniquely human simultaneously (Hugo). Music elicits response; one main response it draws out is in-depth analysis. As popular as music is, music…

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  • Neo Soul Music Essay

    they have a laid back/dragging feel. Questlove (mostly known as the drummer of The Roots) talked about how he recorded drums for D’ Angelo’s “Voodoo” album during an interview at Red Bull Music Academy. In the recording session, he was told to emulate D’ Angelo programming the drum without quantizing it, which then accidentally created a raw, dragging and uneven drumming style that fits D’ Angelo’s music perfectly. It is very impressive to see Questlove in the interview deliberately play every…

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  • Jazz Improvisation Ensemble Concert Report

    “Sugar” by Stanley Turrentine, “Moon Alley” by Tom Harrell, and “Chicken Dog” by John Scofield; and the One O’clock Jazz Improvisation with charts that included “Joy Spring” by Clifford Brown, “Theme for Ernie” by Fred Lacey, and “Lyresto” by Kenny Burrell. For the in depth discussion, I have chosen to focus on “Chicken Dog” by Scofield. This piece by Scofield featured a quintet type ensemble that had Victoria Batta on flute, Joseph Buschatzke on guitar, Benjamin Purper on electric bass, Daniel…

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