The Girl Is Mine Analysis

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Track 2 (“Baby Be Mine”): This song starts with percussion and synthesizer sound effects. The lyrics begin at 0:20. I noticed that the percussion highlighted the second and fourth beats of the measure. The song was a legato sounding pop song that sounded like some of the songs on the top 40 radio stations. Background singers entered at about 0:58; they shocked me because I did not expect something like that in this song. About that time there was an interesting hollow sound that I enjoyed. I was surprised that there was not a longer interlude between verses or choruses. The song ends by slowly fading away. In conclusion, I enjoyed this song because of its ballad feel.

Track 3(“The Girl Is Mine”): This song begins with begins with percussion and an interesting windchime part. I really enjoyed that little part because it added to the romance of the song. The lyrics started at 0:13, which told a story about to people fighting over a girl and saying that “The Girl Is Mine.” I thought it was quite interesting that Paul McCartney was a soloist in this track; I had always associated him with the Beatles. This song
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It began with creepy sound effects including the slamming of doors, thunder crashes, and the ticking of a clock. The vocals start at 1:00, which was a very long introduction in comparison to tracks 2 and 3. Michael Jackson’s voice paints the picture of a horror movie mixed with a pop song. I enjoyed the trumpet’s staccato notes at 1:45. “Thriller” is a song that is easy to be stuck in someone’s head because it is so catchy. I enjoyed the bass part even though it was repetitive. The vibe of the song changed at about 4:15 when the chorus stopped and the voice over began. I thought the voice over was creepier than the actual song. The last few seconds included a maniac laughter that was just strange. In conclusion, I was thrilled with this song and will definitely listen to it

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