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  • Suspense Thriller Film Analysis

    Suspense thriller is one of the subgenres of a film that is popular for its excitement and tension. It usually includes crime scenes that trigger audience’s curiosity. Not only that, it also has been known to give a sense of tension that can cause the audience to feel uneasy and disconcerted. One film that can be taken as an example is a film titled Fracture (2007) by Gregory Hoblit. This film tells about an attempted murder case of the wife of an aeronautical company owner named Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins). He shoots his own wife after he discovers her affair with an LAPD detective. The case is brought to the court and is prosecuted by a district attorney named William Beachum (Ryan Gosling). The well-planned murder causes Beachum to have difficulties in finding the evidence as he struggles to find the murder weapon to prove that Crawford is guilty. As the story goes, both of them try to outwit one another in order to win the trial.…

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  • Psychological Thrillers Narrative Analysis

    ‘How do the features of a restricted narrative build suspense for the audience in Psychological Thriller films?’ I will be analysing the narrative structure of Psychological Thrillers, as well as the ideologies that distinguish thriller films from suspense films; by completing this research, I will gain an understanding of how texts are constructed in this genre to be effective at producing suspense throughout the narrative. The research I will be conducting will be referencing two films…

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  • Literary Devices Used In Literature Essay

    Mayans or the Aztecs. Latin American literature books will also talk about mythical creatures such as the chuppacabra; this is different from the religious parables as there tends to be very much an uneasy feeling in the literature, as in that of a supernatural horror movie. Films such as The Blair Witch Project will use mythical elements as part of magical realism, in trying to make the audience process mentally; what is happening in the film. Many other horror and thriller genres use magical…

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  • Kingsman The Hero's Journey Analysis

    Kingsman the secret service is a very poupular movie that stands out amongst modern serious spy movies. Such as Jason bourn or Daniel Craig James bond, by parodying classic James bond. The film is over the top with its gadgets, villain’s, and action, as well as forcing more on comedy. This essay will start with a brief summery of the film and than examine three examples of the hero’s journey. Firstly, the elderly mentor, after that the allies and enemies, and lastly the heroes return. Kingsman…

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  • Jaws Suspense Analysis

    Jaws is an American thriller/suspense that falls into human fears, the fear that people sometimes even do not know they have it until they face it. That blockbuster describes the summer story that turned into disaster and put a fear in a lot of people because of water, but more because of its habitants. So to what genre actually Jaws relates to? A lot of sources describe film Jaws as a thriller and a lot as suspense, however it has the features of both genres. What is a thriller? Thriller is…

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  • Thriller Analysis

    When Thriller was first released, listeners could only expect greatness considering Michael Jackson’s prior experience in the music industry. Ever since he started singing at the age of just 5 years old, Jackson had stunned the world with his musical and performing skills. It is certainly an understatement to say this guy had already had some success in the industry before releasing Thriller. Coming off of his hugely-successful album, Off the Wall in 1980, he certainly had high expectations to…

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  • The Four Hoe Analysis

    THE 4-HOUR ZONE presents as an intriguing sci-fi, psychological, conspiracy thriller. The concept of a woman falsely accused of murder, who then travels back in time to clear her name, is a solid premise. The premise has good potential to create a tense thriller. The initial goal is well defined (clear her name) and the stakes are high. The protagonist is thrust into a high-stakes situation where she has to overcome many obstacles. She faces a strong adversary. Strong themes about revenge,…

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  • The Positiv Homeland Analysis

    than gaining cultural knowledge. As a case study, it would be interesting to determine how much of an impact these productions have had on the existing Arab perception. Spy thrillers try to portray the main characters as heroes who will combat evil and prevail national security. However, these shows also have a huge fault in portraying a false image of Arabs and their real intentions. It is very common to hear people saying not to believe anything in the news because they are all fabricated…

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  • The Role Of Suspense In Hitchcock's Psycho

    Through is use of violence, suspense and surprises, the thriller has long been one of the most popular genres in film. Since the father of the thriller, Alfred Hitchcock, released Psycho, thrillers have captivated audiences with the combination of suspense and anxiety. Austrian-born director Michael Haneke, takes the central ideas of thrillers and places his own twists and style in his film to create his own unique brand of thriller. This is very evident in this 2002 movie, Caché. Despite…

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  • The Girl Is Mine Analysis

    It began with creepy sound effects including the slamming of doors, thunder crashes, and the ticking of a clock. The vocals start at 1:00, which was a very long introduction in comparison to tracks 2 and 3. Michael Jackson’s voice paints the picture of a horror movie mixed with a pop song. I enjoyed the trumpet’s staccato notes at 1:45. “Thriller” is a song that is easy to be stuck in someone’s head because it is so catchy. I enjoyed the bass part even though it was repetitive. The vibe of the…

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