Playing A Bass Guitar Essay

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Have you ever thought of playing a musical instrument that had a rich, deep sound? Have you ever wanted to impress your friends by playing a musical instrument? Are six strings to much for you? If you answered yes to any of these, then the electric bass may be for you. If you found that the guitar’s 6 string layout was just too complex, then try the basses 4 string layout. The strings are much thicker, they are easier to play, and the tone is much lower than a guitar. Some things you should take into consideration are the body shape, bass guitar color, and the number of strings on your bass. You need to make sure the bass guitar feels comfortable in your arms when you play. It is important the body isn’t too big, or too
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A new world of sound awaits you. But before you start playing like the pros, you need to first learn the parts of the bass. E A D G. E would be the lowest string, A the second lowest, D the second highest, and E the highest. You need to learn the bass fret numbers. One is the very first and the lowest, while 20 is the last and the highest. If you are just starting out on bass, a good choice would be marking the left side of your bass guitar neck with a sticker to indicate the number of the fret. Now that you know the number frets, the string letter, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to play. You can either play with your fingers, or using a bass guitar pick. Now, each plucking method has it’s disadvantages and advantages. Playing with fingers can make the sound ring out a lot less and sound cleaner overall. But in order to play with fingers you need to develop callouses so until that happens you’ll be a little slower and your fingers will hurt. Now if you choose to play with a pick, the note will ring out a lot more and it is a little harder to tell which string you are plucking so that may cause confusion, but if you choose pick you can play much faster than you ever would be able to with just your fingers. And remember, “The sound and space of one note can say a lot more and mean a lot more than 20 notes if placed well. Finding that place is not easy but when you do the feeling is amazing. (Minato 10).” Now that you’ve chosen

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