My Guitar Experience

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When I was six years old I was first introduced to the concept of music. I sat down on the floor next to the warmth of the fireplace and listened to my stepdad strum the guitar. I was instantly entranced by what he was playing. Some blues melody that had me engrossed. Looking back the desire to play the guitar, had really just come from me looking up to my stepdad as a father figure, and perhaps wanting reciprocate what he was doing. Whatever the case, I asked if I could try. He handed me the rustic, vintage looking acoustic guitar. I was immediately plagued with my small, limited six year old hands. The neck was way too big, and I couldn’t press my fingers on the strings hard enough to even extricate the slightest sound. So, I preceded to …show more content…
I was in North Carolina for a week, so I decided to bring my acoustic guitar down for the trip, because I could not go without it for a whole week. Anyways, I had been just playing one night and out of nowhere my aunt said “Wow, Evan I am thoroughly impressed! I thought this guitar thing was just a phase, but damn you’re getting really good!” I just laughed and said “Thank you”. She replied “Well let me show you something”. She came back from her bedroom with a worn guitar case, she popped open the brass latches and opened it. My heart melted as soon as I saw what was inside. It was my grandfather’s old 1974 Gibson Les Paul. I immediately said “I can’t take that”. She replied “No take it, I promised your dad once you were good enough you could have it”. This was probably one of the best days of my life. Not because I had gotten a really nice guitar, but the fact that my aunt had thought I had gotten good and responsible enough to have one of her most dear possessions. I then thanked her endlessly and accepted it. This moment was definitely a weird one. I was not sure if I felt I deserved it or not. I can’t even say this moment it caused me to grow as a guitar player or not. I knew one thing though, I had other people believe in me, and to be completely honest, my aunt is a hard woman to impress. With that in mind my confidence level in my playing had definitely spiked after this took

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