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  • Bat Conservation International's My White Paper

    offering to write a white paper to Cullen Geiselman of Bat Conservation International in regards to a technology discovered in 2013. This white paper will be written under the guidelines of my English 3302 studies along with Technical Communications by Paul Anderson. The technology chosen would aid the organization in many of its goals regarding bat conservation. A volatile organic chemical (VOC) derived from bacteria is found to hinder white-nose syndrome fungus growth in bat colonies across America. These VOCs will be the main focus of my white paper. This technology must be introduced to the organization I chose because they are best fit to utilize it. The Bat Conservation International’s…

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  • The Trope Of Flying In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    The Evolution of the Trope of Flying In Morrison’s Song of Solomon Flying is a trope which is depicted prominently in Toni Morrison’s book Song of Solomon. This trope appears in the book as a branch of magic realism and it provides the magical element within harshness and tepid realism. The trope unites all the different elements of the story together throughout the entire book. Obviously, flying is an important clue in the book and it is used for both literally and figuratively as a way to…

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  • BAT And The Tobacco Industry

    The four main plans behind the success of BAT and to achieve its vision are based on growth, productivity, responsibility and building winning organisation. The policies for the growth of BAT is to enter new emerging international markets through mergers and acquisitions. Similarly, BAT focuses on the organic growth of tobaccos which will establish it as a premium brand in the long run. It wants to enter the ‘Global Drive Brand’ category where it can expand in the field of ‘value for money’ and…

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  • Essay On CIT And BAT

    these patients in regaining their independence. Four methods of rehabilitation that can be used to assist motor performance and brain function in stroke patients include task-specific, neurofacilitation, task-orientated, and intensive motor therapy.2 Focusing specifically on task orientated and intensive motor therapy, upper limb constraint induced therapy (CIT) and bilateral arm training (BAT) can be derived respectively and has gained the attention of PTs.2 Therefore, the purpose of this…

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  • Megabats In Mammals

    Orders of mammal, the Order Chiroptera (bats) is the only Order that can fly. Bats is the only mammal that have modified limbs allowing it to achieve the ability to fly (Hickman, 2015). Bats is also the only few mammals that have the ability to use echolocation- the ability to use high frequency sound to navigate the environments. Bats are divided into two groups: megabats and microbats. Megabats does not relies echolocation, but instead relies on vision and smell for navigation. Megabats only…

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  • Alabama Bat History

    The Alabama Bats also know as the “Battling Bats” are an American Basketball team in located in Montgomery, Alabama. The bats compete in the NBA Eastern Conference. The team began playing in 1961, since then they have played all of their games in Garrett Coliseum or the “Bat Cave.” The Bats wear Red and Black. The teams mascot Bat Boy provides entertainment for fans, getting them excited to see their Bats play. The Bats were founded by Martin Luther King Jr in 1961 and originally named the…

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  • Essay On Softball Bat

    they have remarkable equipment? Fact is the quality of the bats you utilize make a significant difference in how you meeting. That is why it is essential to have the leading softball bat available for your group and the trick is that the top softball bats could not be acquired at your neighborhood sporting products shop. They have to be acquired online. Still not convinced you have to shell out 250 dollars on a bat? Let's break it down then. Higher Priced Slowpitch Bats Have More POP! The truth…

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  • Tick Paralysis In Bats

    dwelling. As the natural foraging habitat of the SFF is eliminated, the bats are forced to search elsewhere for food. For this reason, the bats have been attracted to the fruit of the lower growing, invasive tobacco bush (Solanum mauritianum); which is native to South America (10). This bush has been found to harbor large populations…

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  • Essay On Bat Experience

    conceive the idea of being a bat. We can point out the physical aspects of bat life, but we cannot point out the bat experience. According to Nagel, the conscious experience can occur at many levels of animal life. However, there is no evidence to provide assurance that it is present in simpler organisms [i.e bats] (436). If an organism experience and/or feel pain then that organism have a conscious. So for the purpose of this paper, we will consider that bats have experience and consciousness.…

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  • Baseball Bat Physics

    Step one of the chain involves a mix of biomechanics and physics. The player has more strength to lift, carry, and move baseball bat. The ease of the baseball bat operations for the player on anabolic steroids results in the faster swing because it becomes easier for him to do that. It can be compared with the tossing of a lightweight Nerf ball between a five-year-old child and and adult. The adult has more power so that he will throw the ball further and will not feel the weight of it in his…

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