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  • Clive Thompson Video Editing Analysis

    The concept of video editing is introduced by Clive Thompson in his chapter The New Literacies. Where Thompson discusses moving image -video- as a literacy that has evolved “into a flexible format for communication, a way to speak one’s ideas to the world” (Thompson 98). The accessibility of cameras allows for video editing to be more convenient for individuals. Cameras have evolved into devices which allow individuals to express their ideas and overcome obstacles through video editing; in order to capture priceless moments without being part of the media industry. Through the use of portable cameras -cellphones - individuals are able to shoot an instant video which allows them to collaborate with technology and society. Individuals are able to edit videos and upload them to video sites, to ultimately communicate a message to an audience. However, Thompson believes that to fully understand the true meaning of video editing, “We’ll need to begin using it to communicate with ourselves” ( Thompson 104). Using video editing is portrayed as a process which allows individuals to learn from themselves. I agree with Thompson’s concept of being able to “communicate with themselves” (Thompson 104), since it will allow individuals to realize how their background affects who they are. Moving…

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  • The Negative Aspects Of Film Editing

    A film editor organizes the various shots obtained by the director into sequence in order to tell the director and writer’s story. In early film, editors would work with raw film combining the many shots into sequences resulting in motion pictures. Today’s editors have the advantage of digital film and editing software such as Adobe Premiere. Editing does not end at sequencing the shots. The editor must add the sound to the sequences of shots. The editor will add recorded dialogue, and…

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  • Essay On Movie Editing

    Movie editing is defined as “the art, technique, and practice of assembling shots into a coherent sequence” on Wikipedia. While actors and directors gain fame and fortune from feature films, the editors get little recognition for their hard work that makes movie exciting. Without these editors, movies would be a dull, never-ending scene with a lot dead space. Editors are able to craft a film to evoke any emotions that they want, simply by changing the timing of the shot. Film editing is almost…

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  • Movie Editing Essay

    INTRODUCTION. While filmmaking is a collaborative enterprise, editing is the foundation of film art. All the other departments of filmmaking; screenwriting, directing, cinematography, music and sound, production design and acting, all exist to be brought together in the cutting room. Film is collaborative, only for the edit. Pre-production and production give the editor; the necessary pieces of the puzzle they need to make the film. The editor works with the footage, the sound and…

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  • Ken Dancyger Editing Analysis

    Looking at ken Dancyger: The Technique of Film Video editing history and practice the author explains the evolution of editing from the earliest two wheelers in 1895 via breakthrough Artists like DW Griffiths and Russian Directors such as Sergei Eisenstein. Through a series of practical experiments film developed its own language. A mentionable fact about that in 30 years the basic of editing were formed. Components we see today as essential for editing for example continuity and screen…

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  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood Editing Analysis

    Amidst a sea of political propaganda in Russia, arose a man who would forever revolutionize film editing, a man named Sergei Eisenstein. Eisenstein recognized five unique styles of editing, and named them the Metric Montage, Rhythmic Montage, Tonal Montage, Overtonal Montage, and Intellectual Montage. To this day, he has inspired many filmmakers with his montage theories, especially those of the early music video industry. One music video in particular, Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Two Tribes…

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  • Editing In Mad Max: Fury Road, By Hitchcock

    Editing is one of the most unappreciated aspects of films. Many people don’t know who the editors are on their favorite movies. Even though editing is the glue that holds a movie together. Editing possesses the ability to make a movie good or bad. In cases like Batman vs Superman for instance, editing can be a major flaw, whereas in Mad Max:Fury Road it can be a major strength. In North By Northwest, the editing is a major strength of the film. Hitchcock uses editing to manipulate the viewer’s…

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  • Analysis Of The Cutting Edge: The Magic Of Movie Editing

    The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing: A Discussion The most relatable person in The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing would have to be Steven Spielberg, while discussing the challenges of choosing how to edit a scene with so many options with many different outcomes. This describes one of the biggest challenges one might face while editing film. His passion for what he does shines through as well. The documentary teaches a few things about visual storytelling. While talking about…

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  • D. W. Griffith's Blindfold: The Evolution Of Editing

    The evolution of editing began when the Lumiere brothers invented the Cinematographe in 1895. This device allowed users to capture, process and project footage from the device itself (B. Retchless, n.d). Early film makers would play a continuous unbroken piece of footage which was shot from a static position, once the footage had finished they would reload the Cinematographe and continue playing the next sequence of film. This resulted in a laps of time between the viewing of footage for the…

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  • Film Editing Analysis

    Strangelove and The Conversation. The Man with a Movie Camera uses editing techniques such as collision editing and series editing. Dr. Strangelove uses production design such as location and editing technique such as crosscutting. The movie The Conversation uses sound such as diegetic sound. Man with a Movie camera, which is sometimes called The Man with a Movie Camera, A Man with a Movie Camera, is a Soviet silent documentary film. It is directed by Dzinga Vertov and is edited by Elizaveta…

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