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  • The Holocaust: Unethical And Ethical Experiments During The Holocaust

    Most scientists conduct experiments towards a productive, humanitarian goal with the aid of volunteers. However, during the Holocaust, scientists experimented on forced subjects that usually resulted in the loss of their lives. By not acquiring permission of these subjects and causing their deaths, they participated in unethical and immoral activities. Although some prisoners of the Holocaust were not experimented on, they also experienced corrupt treatment in their everyday lives. Many immoral situations occurred during the Holocaust and a few of these can be seen in Tadeusz Borowski’s This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen. Borowski recounts various unethical situations and feelings that he witnessed and experienced that correlate with immoral situations and feelings of Holocaust scientists and their experiments. While some claims following may be controversial, all views on the topic should be considered to provide the greatest understanding possible. Thus the Holocaust was riddled with immoral behavior that is mirrored in Borowski’s retelling of the everyday life of a standard prisoner and the lives of those involved with the scientific experiments such as Dr. Josef Mengele’s work with children and dwarfs. While most prisoners were forced to endure horrific living conditions, certain prisoners, as well as certain scientific subjects, lived in better accommodations. In Borowski’s retelling of his time in a concentration camp, certain men, referred to as Canada men,…

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  • Concentration Camp And The Holocaust

    but this happened without success. When we war was over, many other leaders were put on trial and the Gestapo officially dissolved in 1945. The last group of people who had great influence on the Holocaust were the doctors of the concentration camps. When most people hear the doctors of the Holocaust one name stands out. This is Dr. Mengele. His nickname was the angel of death for all of his experiments on many different people, including children and especially twins. He was first transferred…

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  • Hitler's Experiments During The Holocaust

    role. Josef Mengele the rich, popular kid and outstanding student distinguished himself again at the front for bravery bordering on heroics. He was decorated several times, once for dragging wounded men out of a burning tank, and repeatedly commended for his dedication to service”( “During his infamous tenure at the concentration camp, Josef Mengele was not the only physician at Auschwitz, nor was he, as common wisdom often maintains, the highest-ranking physician at…

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  • Analysis Of Eva's Story: A Survivor

    and extermination camp, but was also known as a “complex of exploitation, arbitrariness, humiliation, and murder” to the largest numbers of European Jews who were killed during the Holocaust (Friling 2014, 32). Auschwitz was the largest and most exploitive camp during the Holocaust because “some of the Nazi’s most inhumane experiments took place at Auschwitz […] and two medical experiment programs were conducted at Auschwitz-Birkenau” (Crowe 2008, 258). Auschwitz consisted of three camps,…

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