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  • School Counselor Interview Report

    during my first four months working there. I worked at Cone Elementary as a Tutor for AmeriCorps through Black Child Development Institute of Greensboro. He was one of the first employees I met Cone Elementary, when he discovered I was a graduate student at North Carolina A&T State University our interactions became more frequent. He was excited to know that I was pursuing my Masters in School Counseling, he spoke very highly of the counseling profession and about his experience. He always offered me help pertaining to my graduate studies if I needed anything. I did not know that he was a substitute until our initial interview. Mr. Hills has been in the counseling profession for over 15 years, most of his experience has been in higher education. He recently decided to counseling elementary aged students. Mr. Hills was not the stereotypical substitute. He was qualified, his took his work seriously, and he interacted with the students and staff well. Mr. Hills was very visible if you needed him you could always find him. He…

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  • Bolman And Deal's Four Frames Analysis

    the school. There is an additional level in Hogwarts comprised of select students. Every year, there are two Prefects chosen from each House as well as one Head Boy and Head Girl from the entire student body. These students serve as assistants to the professors and Heads of Houses. It is, however, difficult to see where they rank in the overall hierarchical structure. The next aspect of the structural frame is specialization and coordination. As a school, Hogwarts’s employees are professors…

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  • A Brief Experimental Design Of Experimental Approaches

    Budget Justification Personnel Vijaya M. Lella (also known as L. Vijaya Mohan Rao), Ph.D. Principal Investigator, 3.6 calendar months effort and salary. The P.I. will devote 30% of his effort on the proposed grant. He will assume overall responsibility for the proposed project, which includes supervision of all personnel involved in the project, planning, the design of experimental approaches, the close review of the data, data analysis & interpretation, preparation of manuscripts, and decisions…

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  • ASCA National Model Analysis

    The ASCA National Model themes are divided into four different categories: leadership, collaboration, advocacy and systemic change. The leadership component describes the counselor as being an advocate for change. School counselors provide equitable services and programs for all students. Whether at the elementary, middle or high school level, all school counselors have the ability to lead. Effective school counselor leadership requires: • visionary thinking • challenging inequities • shared…

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  • Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Small Church

    I grew up in a small church, where my mom was a Sunday school teacher and my dad was the Assistant Pastor. They also were involved in the youth a lot. Growing up, I can remember driving down the road on our way to church and seeing kids that knew or my mom knew and we would ask them if they wanted to go to church with us. Next thing you knew, we have like 5-6 local kids going to church with us. I can remember when we use to ask them where they lived so we could make sure that it was alright with…

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  • Focus Group Case Study

    School, and the school counselor. The focus group interview session enabled the researcher to build conversations around specific topics, and allowed the interviewer to build increased levels of rapport with the participants. The first questions asked of the focus group focused on the meaning of parent involvement to parent parents. JP, the school counselor replied, “There is a group of parents that expects their kids to be taken care of 100% in their growth of education and socialization.” CS,…

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  • The Baccalaureate Course Analysis

    The school leaving age in England had been set at age 16 since 1972. The Education & Skills Act (2008) increased the `age of participation` to age 17 from 2013 and then to age 18 from 2015. This has meant that any young person born on or after 1st September 1997 has to participate in some form of education or training until the age of 18. Young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) has been an increasing social problem for the Government. Barry Sheerman, who is a Labour MP,…

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  • CCPT In Schools: A Case Study

    individuals who work for them, bring up ethical issues of what services are being cut to make room for academic study (Perryman, 2015). Counselors, principals, teachers, and school psychologists are required to fulfil standards which time may not allow, or worse, be available. At what risk are student’s social and emotional well-being suffering due to lack of therapeutic resources? This issue, though not new, has been discussed at length, and the realities of this situation have become more…

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  • Case Study: A Student, A Knife, And The Repercussions

    2014040978, a student was wrongfully denied a MD meeting. The school expelled a student due to the student’s lack of school attendance. Although it was concluded that the student’s disability, ADHD, did not cause the misconduct, the district denied the student and guardian the procedural protections of the MD meeting. In considering this case, a school psychologist is expected to be knowledgeable in the matters of federal and state policies and should know the following. Under Education Code…

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  • School Violence Prevention Policy Analysis

    information that was gleamed from our current policy. STRENGTHS OF THE CURRENT PLAN The current policy stressed the importance of communication in the case of an emergency. This section of the plan provided transparent, effective internal and external communication action steps between the school, staff, students, parents, the community, emergency responders and media. Another important component of the communication section highlighted alternative means to provide updates in case of a…

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