Education and training occupations

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  • The Giver: An Analysis

    Authoritarian societies are systems that are used to control the community of people and their education. Education in an Authoritarian Society is upheld by maintaining control of the hierarchy. This is done in three ways: sorting the citizens, justifying where and why they were put there, and validating the decision. In the 2014 motion picture The Giver, they live in a post-apocalyptic Authoritarian world and follow the three rules. “What is most difficult for the state to control- emotions and…

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  • Why People Go To College Essay

    Why Do People Go to College? When people speak of pursuing a post-secondary education nowadays, it usually has a negative connotation with the American student debt being in the trillions. Not only that, but there are also countless stories of college graduates not being able to find jobs in the fields they studied in. To add to on to their burdens, most students working towards a higher education are forced to take out loans in order pay their tuition. Once students consider all the…

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  • Understudies Should Be Free College Essay

    varying perspectives about whether understudies should pay for college or not. A few people presume that education is an essential right, which should therefore be given freely, while others think the student would need to repay the school. Various well-to-do countries around the world offer free public college. On the other hand, the United States requires the student to pay for their college education. It would be exceptionally profitable in the United States to not have free public college.…

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  • Social Investigative Occupation

    of interest were: social and investigative. The social area of occupation is work activities that assist others and promote learning and personal development. They prefer to communicate more. They like to teach, give advice, to help, and be of service to others. The investigative occupation is work activities that have to do with ideas and thinking. They search for facts and figure out problems. Three jobs in the social occupation are: High School teachers, Mental health counselors, and…

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  • Gender Inequalities In The Workplace

    two types of sexual harassment within the workplace; Quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment sexual harassment. Quid pro quo harassment involves sexual threats or bribery linked to getting a job, keeping a job or receiving a promotion or training opportunity. Hostile environment sexual harassment includes sexual jokes, comments, and touching that may create a sexualized environment or one that degrades women (Brym, 2011). In many cases sexual harassment goes unnoticed or undocumented and…

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  • The Positive Effects Of Sativation And Stress In The Workplace

    REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE In the 21st century, occupations have become vital to a person’s way of living. Through these occupations, one is able to contribute to society, showcase his skills and capabilities, and gain financial income which he then uses to acquire his basic needs and wants. There are different kinds of occupations in the society, and some of these occupations are occupations that deal with education, student training, and knowledge-sharing -- concepts imperative in building…

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  • Gender Wage Gap Justified

    workforce. Corporations are in the money-making business; by all means, people are paid according to accuracy, knowledge of the job, ability, and how the work is executed. Most of the time, females will select a job that does not require a lot of training; as a result, the job that is chosen does not qualify them to make the same as men. In contrary, Lips (2009), believe that gender wage gap is solely based on inequality, racism, and stereotypes (page 120). People believe the wage gaps will…

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  • Middle School Career

    Education is one of the most important jobs no matter what the city or state. Without teachers to educate and inspire, many jobs needed in our society wouldn’t be possible. Middle school teaching is an influential career because it gives people the opportunity to further educate students and discover many aspects about themselves. Teaching includes many duties. The main priority is to deliver education to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. However, some schools start middle school at 4th. Teachers will…

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  • The Importance Of Employability In The Hospitality Industry

    conscious mind but also the Subconscious mind. d. One’s orientation in the choice of an occupation will be affected when he/she realizes that a particular occupation can satisfy his/her needs. e. One’s orientation in the choice of an occupation varies by satisfaction of his/her expectations, which also vary by personal knowledge of the occupation and cognitive ability. f. One can better identify the occupation that he/she is more likely to be successful in it if he/she really understands…

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  • Counselor Skills

    Skills and Abilities to be a Successful Counseling Psychologist To be a successful psychologist, certain core qualities are needed regardless of the specialty. These skills can be learned with education and training to become a therapist; others skills will be learned from different parts of the counselor’s life. Some of the key skills and traits that can help a counseling professional is empathy, listening effectively, communication, setting boundaries and critical thinking. A good…

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