The Definition And Characteristics Of Nursing

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This paper attempts to provide some definitions and characteristics of what profession, in order to argue whether nursing meets the criteria to be considered in property as such.
To argue the nursing position in the light of the concepts to analyze, you need an objective look back and critique of social history that precedes us.
The reflection will be conducted not intended to be just an academic exercise, based on the analysis of the different positions expressed in the literature and the authors themselves, but an invitation to the analysis of the collective, that substantiates property whether or not nursing one profession, and from this identifying necessary to address the way we have to go tools. body The meaning of profession,
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This nurse known as the "Lady of the Lamp", aware of the need for adequate training, established a teaching system which established at that time to the hospital as an emerging profession. Today with the formation of a body of knowledge, the application of the scientific method, the application of models and theories to guide the work the foundation of the profession are based, and emerges the autonomy of care based on scientific evidence as its central object study is the care of the individual or …show more content…
Nursing as a profession is emerging from the Nightingale era. Since those years the preparation of nurses in hospitals is formalized, and then gradually and is linked to a university education.
The need to generate knowledge based on the scientific method is demonstrated in the establishment of the process of nursing care, and the development of models and theories that support the work. This knowledge and define the nursing care in the central object of study, practitioners clearly outlined an autonomous and delegated tasks.
The code of ethics established and recognized establishes the norms and values of all who profess to nursing as a profession. Linked to this code, it is the contribution that has historically been recognized socially nurses.
Nurses through their organizations have fought for social recognition translates into better working conditions, opportunities and remuneration for the guild.
It can be concluded that nursing is a young profession, and that there are elements grounded to argue, that has needed to be further developed in this dynamic, changing, global and technological society tools. As a profession facing new challenges with clarity and

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