Education and training occupations

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  • Nation Building Process In The Philippines Essay

    Nation-building process in the Philippines were slow. In the beginning of the occupation, the US had to fight against Aguinaldo’s guerilla forces that wanted independence. The US managed to contain guerilla forces, however lost 4200 lives of soldiers. In the beginning of the occupation, the US established a military government under General Arthur McArthur in the Philippines. Later the power of the government was transferred to the Civil Control under the Civil Governor Taft. Under the Civil…

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  • A Career As A Psychiatric Technician

    program with a passing grade, you’ll get an associate’s degree. After you get a high school diploma, you will need a degree in medicine and a degree in psychology to peruse this profession (BLS). For training you will go in as an assistant or aide for a psychiatrist. You will have on-the-job training for a short period of time before an experienced. technician can leave you unsupervised while talking to a…

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  • Nursing Profession

    This nurse known as the "Lady of the Lamp", aware of the need for adequate training, established a teaching system which established at that time to the hospital as an emerging profession. Today with the formation of a body of knowledge, the application of the scientific method, the application of models and theories to guide the…

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  • Medical Imaging Technologist

    morning/afternoon Mrs Gracie and class. Today I will be presenting my oral report on my chosen occupation of a Radiographer. A radiographer is a person who assists in the diagnosis and management of disease or injury through taking radiographic images. Radiographic images are things like X-Ray's and CT Scans.This occupation can also be called a Medical Imaging Technologist. The basic tasks of this occupation include: Interpreting requests for X-Ray examinations Determining appropriate imaging…

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  • Roles, Responsibilities And Qualification Requirements For Hospitality Staff

    Their essential occupation is to see that the work performed by representatives is finished on time and at the most elevated amount of value. Keeping in mind the end goal to finish this errand, they should know the generation procedure and have a comprehension of human conduct(Referenceforbusiness…

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  • Professionalism Definition Profession

    Occupation and profession have been used interchangeably. Webster defines occupation as “the work that a person does; a person's job or profession” and profession as “a type of job that requires special education, training, or skill.” They appear to be the synonyms of one another until you gain knowledge and education. A cohort member, Adrienne Jones, stated that an “occupation is something a person does to live while a profession is something a person lives to do”. In the same sense you can…

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  • Women's Pay Gap Analysis

    in part to the education level of individuals. Generally, members of the white or Asian background receive a more in-depth, concentrated, and longer education than other members, which can lead to further success for, educated individuals. Due to the fact that that is a common stereotype, it affects the pay of those who are assumed to have a lower level of…

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  • Importance Of Non-Formal Education

    Education is one of the most important part of our life. We can list many reasons which support that claim. Education makes us to be a complete person, it aids us to compete among the people who trying to find and form their professional life. In spite of that favours, there are researches that clearly emphasise the mismatch between classic education system and requirements of the employers. If we look through from that aspect, we can figure out that overeducated worker is the person that…

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  • I Want To Be A Peak Practitioner Essay

    some would agree that being happy doing your job is really important. You see me ive always enjoyed the criminal justice field of studies. I also enjoy helping people so I chose something that would involve both. Now there are alot of different occupations in criminal justice that help people. But not like the victims advocate. Which I honestly think it fits me perfectly. Now I know you might be saying who in their right mind would want to be a victims advocate? Or what a lame choice. Well let…

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  • Functions Of Human Resource Management Training And Development

    functions of the Human Resource Management, Training, and Development. Both the accomplishments aim at improving the enactment and productivity of the staffs. Training is a program prearranged by the organization to progress knowledge and skills in the employees as per the prerequisite of the job. Contrariwise, Development is an organized activity in which the human resources of the group learns and grow; it is a self-assessment deed (Salas et al, 2012). Training and development help employees…

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