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  • Summarize The Benefits Of The Military

    Red, white, and blue are the colors of the United States of America. Within the nation there is a courageous group of men and women protecting those colors and everything those colors represent. America’s military is looking for brave young people to help the nation stay strong and protect the values and traditions founding fathers helped establish. The benefits people receive from America’s military are highly valued. Three important benefits the military has to offer are monetary benefits,…

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  • Women Should NOT Be Allowed In The Military

    23rd of January in 2013 was a historic day for women in the United States, because the Department of Defense lifted the ban that didn’t allow women to fight in combat. During the 2012-13 year, over 214,098 women were serving in illegally. On this day, they were finally allowed to serve in combat positions. After the 23rd of January 2013, the Department of Defense recognized the contributions that women have made to the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and have since realized that we don’t…

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  • Discrimination Against Women In The Military

    Humans are all equal right? That is what most people say no discrimination, no difference in gender and men and women are not different then why do men have greater opportunities then women or as a matter of fact they cannot even try many things. Is it not laughable how hypocrite humans can be? The battle field a place filled with trauma, death, violence, blood, a place where you fight for what you believe up close and personal the great front lines. Then if that is the case then why do we never…

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  • Role Model In The Other Wes Moore

    Having a supportive role model can shape an individual’s future and turn their life around if struggling. In The Other Wes Moore One Name, Two Fates, by Wes Moore, both Wes Moore’s made bad decisions, but the question arises from whether or not a role model turned the author’s life around. In “I Just Wanna be Average”, by Mike Rose, and “The Achievement of Desire”, by Richard Rodriguez, Rose and Rodriguez also had great role models who helped them in becoming successful. The author’s role models…

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  • Personal Narrative: Jay-Chamberlain

    Before you are shipped to basic military training, you have to process through the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). This is where they examine you for any health defects or abnormalities that would disqualify you from service. While waiting in line to be checked by the doctor, a guy…

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  • Tactical Training In The Army

    place while at basic training, they are meant for a much greater purpose: to form strong individuals that excel in teamwork and are willing to push their personal limits as far as they can reach. Basic training is divided among three phases: red phase, white phase, and blue phase. During the red phase, when the recruits arrive they will go through general orientation, receive haircuts and be issued a military uniform. When that is done they will begin “Basic Tactical Training, followed by…

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  • Norwich University Case Study

    Northfield, VT. Captain Alden Partridge was a founder of Norwich University, founded in 1819 in Norwich, Vermont. In the United State, Norwich University is counted as one of six senior military colleges and the birthplace of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Norwich University is a unique institution where students, faculties, and staffs, administrators work together to keep strong personal and professional goals to help the future leaders of this nation. Graduate students from this…

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  • Sexual Assault In The Military Essay

    and it is being handled very poorly. All of the militaries time and money being out towards sexual assault are being used on repetitive training that is obviously not working because the numbers of sexual assaults going the wrong direction every year. Because of this training, victims know the options available to them but, they are not reporting them. Training to educate a predator that sexual assault is not going to reach the issue at its core. Everyone knows that sexual assault is bad and…

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  • Why Join The Military Essay

    that I still keep in touch with today. The Army also has given me the opportunity to be places that I have never been before. During my 7 months of training I’ve been to 4 different states that I have never have been to before. My enjoyed my time during my training and I got to explore San Antonio once during AIT. The best part about all my training I got paid for it. So I got to basically travel and went to school for free and got paid for it. My skills that I learned during AIT can be used to…

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  • Master Duty Commander Case Study

    Question 1. B In my military National Guard unit we only meet two weekends a month and two weeks or more out of the year for military training. There is only a couple of military members that work in our unit full time. They work during the week as well as the weekend we have training. One person comes to mind when I think of someone that has the most power and influence in my unit where I work. Master Sergeant Alves is one of the full time military members in my unit. In most military units…

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