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  • Student Debt Causes

    The average college student graduates with over $25,000 in student debt, a 25% increase in the past ten years. The amount of student debt has risen at an alarming rate in the past decade. To put things in perspective, Americans owe more money in student debt than credit card debt. It’s important to closely evaluate the causes and effects of rising student debt in regards to its influence on America’s youth and economy. The student debt crisis is more apparent today than ever before. With student loan debt in excess of 1.3 trillion dollars, and rising at a rate of 3,000 dollars per second, it is easy to see why so many consider this a crisis. This is affecting 43.3 million Americans who split the debt in a negative manner. In April, the Education…

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  • Financial Aid Fault

    amount of government financial aid. Nonetheless, by doing this, there will be no elimination of government financial loans to others whom have not worked an equal amount; however, it will help place the student who is paying for their own college in the correct realm of student aid amounts. Another observation that must be taken is the number of students traveling to other countries and if these students are making a large enough impact on our education system that we must enhance our…

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  • Why College Is Too Expensive?

    more than $1 trillion, surpassing credit card debt. One of the things that has also come up in the research from the Congressional Budget Office is the amount of money that has been made on student loans - $41 billion last year. The profitability they say is expected to continue until 2024. (Epperson) Why do many of the students attending college get denied financial aid? Students get denied for many reasons; make too much money, do not have all documents to file financial aid, and do not meet…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Increasing College Tuition

    “Given the best of all possible worlds, I would make a few changes. I would place emphasis on increasing the amount of funding that goes into programs like Pell Grants, that purely and simply award funds to students who really cannot afford full tuition”(Vest). The college tuition is a big problem because some students can not afford college. The college tuition is increasing slowly, but their are people who are supporting for more financial help from the Federal government, yet people claim to…

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  • Student Debt Research Paper

    Education has increased in price over the years. With tuition rates ranging from at least $40,000 per semester, students have no choice but to take out loans. As some loans are abundant, these options have become widely accessible to pay off these costs. Sadly, these decisions have accumulated debts over a college student’s career. With few articles supporting from Megan and Gillispie, these loans can lead to detrimental problems during and after college. In other words, these costs have caused…

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  • College Dropouts Analysis

    FOR ALL THE TALK about outrageous tuition costs and zillionaire dropouts, a college education is still one of the best investments most people could make. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York estimates that a bachelor of arts degree typically increases a student’s earning capacity by about $300,000 (in today’s dollars) over his or her working life. That is simply an average. But as with just about any other investment, results aren’t guaranteed. Much depends on the student, of course, but…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should College Become Free?

    communicate that through social media or by creating television commercials. Second, we would need to get support from many people, businesses, and corporations to acknowledge the problem and show that the people want something done about the problem. Third, we would need to get the President to put this plan in action and get it approved by Congress. Fourth, we should put the plan in place and start it off, which the cost could be just over $60 billion dollars. To add on, future Americans will…

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  • Financial Aid Presentation

    1. Describe your work experience with award packaging. Award packaging is when the student’s cost of attendance and needed funds to attend a school are calculated to determine what award they’re eligible for (Pell grant, scholarships, work-study program, or student loans). I am familiar with award packaging from working at Brookhaven College Financial Aid Office, but no work experience. 2. Please describe a difficult customer service situation that you have experienced and what actions you…

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  • The Importance Of Lowering College Tuition In America

    is that you can’t afford to go to college. So now everything you worked hard for goes out the window just like that. That’s not fair. You deserve to go to college. You worked just as hard as anyone else so why should high tuition costs be such a problem. Therefore, college tuition in America needs to be lowered because it is preventing students from being able to attend college because they come from low income families who can’t afford it. According to Drew Desilver, only 50.9% of students from…

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  • Essay On Student Loan Debt

    opportunities are very limited. The United States is centered on working, moving up to the top, and making money. So from a very young age, the children of this generation think they don’t have a choice whether to go to college or not because they want to live the “American Dream.” One of the main problems is, “prior to the late 20th century, pursuing a college career wasn’t as quite as important as it is today, in the past, if you were a college graduate, you were considered a…

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