Educational research

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  • Educational Research Design

    Before publishing, educational research must undergo a careful review from every angle. Analyzing the article thoroughly for validity and the ability to be replicated is an important process to ensure the reliability of the research content. Researchers have created guidelines to assist in evaluating educational researcher that covers to following; Identifying the research question, research design must match research question, examining how the study was conducted, finally detecting rival explanations for the results (Lauer, 2006, p. 41-52). The guidelines previously mentioned will be used to evaluate research review by Dr. Darling Hammond and Dr. Richardson on the importance of professional development (Darling-Hammond & Richardson, 2009).…

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  • The Importance Of Educational Research

    Educational research, individuals evaluate a variety of areas in education. Research is defined as in taking steps to gather information and to analyze it to have more of an understanding of an issue. In the reading, there are steps in the research process that includes creating a question and collecting information, which leads to answering the question. With answered questions it can add additional information to what is already established. Educational research can improve or even…

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  • AERA Standards In Educational Research

    The American Educational Research Association (AERA) seeks to promote educational guidelines and practices that reliable scientific research has shown to be helpful, and put a stop to those found to have negative effects. AERA disputes statements on its research-based position on educational matters of public concern. AERA has stated a contemporary problem, which is the increasing use of high-stakes test as instruments of educational procedure. The statement on high-stakes testing is grounded on…

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  • Educational Philosophy Research Paper

    Educational Philosophy What is my educational philosophy? In short it is a gumbo of education theory’s, founders, and roots that benefit the arts and encourages personal growth and opinion. I look to Rousseau for his learning environments, Montessori for his use of sensory skills to engage students, and Frobel for his focus on the arts. When it comes to roots, I take from many society’s like the Preliterate why emphasized on skills and identity, as well as the Greeks who created leaders and…

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  • Educational Opportunities In Nursing Research

    Nursing is a multifaceted profession that affords those that practice it the opportunity to be an invaluable influence on the ability of an individual to recover from an illness or injury. This opportunity, which can be incredibly rewarding, also comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. It is with this responsibility in mind that I have laid out four topics that I feel are integral to the field of nursing and should be the point of focus for the continued improvement of the field as…

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  • Personal Statement Of Educational Research Paper

    I want to become an educator because I have a passion for educate and help others reach their dreams. I knew I wanted to become an educator since I was in the 7th grade and I have had opportunities to work with children. Each time that I worked with children, the children learned the material that they were struggling on and I felt great because they felt great. When I get to work with children I get a feel inside that I cannot explain and I really enjoy that feeling. Teaching is very important…

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  • My Educational Career Research Paper

    Throughout my educational career I have had several great teachers. To choose my best teacher is difficult for me since each teacher was for a different course and they had a unique personality and style of teaching. Overall, I would have to choose Mr. Poska as my best teacher (not necessarily my favorite teacher). I took AP Calculus I & II with him during my junior year of high school, then I took Calculus III with him in my senior fall semester. I also happened to have him as my junior and…

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  • My Educational Journey Research Paper

    education. I want to take some speed reading and comprehension classes so that I can master these skills. I am a very determined and competitive individual. My mom always tells me about the time when I was three years old and I got my first scooter. I had a friend that could ride his scooter really good, but when I got my scooter I wasn’t that experienced. She told me that I rode that scooter every day until I mastered it and was able to ride it as good as my friend if not better. She said she…

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  • Why Do Teachers Kill Creativity

    Creativity does not dismiss over the age, but rather, the mass’ demands on being creative are increases, making only a few succeed. Most teachers see developing creativity in young people as an important educational aim. However, national guidelines and educational initiatives are sometimes seen by teachers as tending to stifle their ability to be creative in the classroom and to foster creativity in young people. The principal goal of education is to create people who are capable of doing new…

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  • Research Report : Quantitative Randomized Controlled Trial ( Rct )

    Research Design The research design which was chosen for this research was the quantitative randomized controlled trial (RCT), which is used to reduce any bias in the research being conducted. Randomly selecting participants and reducing any bias allows the researchers to see how a treatment plan affects the group who is being treated and compare the results to the comparison group who is not receiving any treatment (Kampf, Löffler, & Gastmeier, 2009). The intervention and comparison group will…

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