The Importance Of The Field Of Nursing

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Nursing is a multifaceted profession that affords those that practice it the opportunity to be an invaluable influence on the ability of an individual to recover from an illness or injury. This opportunity, which can be incredibly rewarding, also comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. It is with this responsibility in mind that I have laid out four topics that I feel are integral to the field of nursing and should be the point of focus for the continued improvement of the field as well as the individual nurses themselves.
Educational Opportunities and Requirements
I believe that one area of nursing that will require improvement in order for the profession to improve is expanding the educational opportunities for prospective students. During the years 2013-2014 there were 78,089 qualified nursing school applicants that were denied admittance into a nursing program due to lack of adequate faculty, clinical
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Yes, the nurse will be employed by a healthcare facility and will have to follow protocols set in place by the facility. The nurse will also be required to follow the orders of physicians and other healthcare providers in the course of caring for patients. However, the following of these orders and protocols should never hinder the healing process of the patients under the nurse’s care. It is important that nurses be prepared, as well as willing, to question orders or protocols set in place that could be harmful to their patients. Nurses are an integral part of any healthcare team and their opinions and input need to be heard in order for the team to be as efficient and safe as possible. The question that nurses always need to ask themselves is if what they are about to do is beneficial to their patient. If the action will not benefit the patient then the nurse needs to go through the proper channels to address the situation.

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