Educational Philosophy Research Paper

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Educational Philosophy
What is my educational philosophy? In short it is a gumbo of education theory’s, founders, and roots that benefit the arts and encourages personal growth and opinion. I look to Rousseau for his learning environments, Montessori for his use of sensory skills to engage students, and Frobel for his focus on the arts. When it comes to roots, I take from many society’s like the Preliterate why emphasized on skills and identity, as well as the Greeks who created leaders and emphasized literary skills. However, I find the Renaissance time is the one closest to what I teach, due to its emphasis on the music and arts.
Educational Purposes
The purpose of education should be to help guide younger generations to create their own
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University’s and experienced teachers should be how we should be prepared, “Learn the past for it repeats itself in the future”, meaning that if we ignore the past it will repeat itself and the circle will continue. By having experienced teachers and universities determine the precreation’s then we can learn from the past and work words a better future. Education should be funded by the state and community. For example, textbooks, supplies, and recourses should be funded by the state because those are necessary. However, the community should take an active part in the education of their children by fundraising and outing words events and such, for if each school relayed on state funding, somewhere someone is getting the short stick. There must be a balance of both. The question of who should be in control is a difficult one. It is in my opinion that teachers should be in control of education. Because they are the ones teaching it and inside the classroom itself it makes sense. By having a board of people who are not in any teaching position they do not know what is needed and not needed. There is a responsibility that schools and teachers must the parents and community. That responsibility is to nurture their children, protect them and lead them. Without schools where will the community go or the students? Thus, is the responsibility that the schools and parents must the

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