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    magazines’, articles’. Research Design: In my research I will use following two methods of research Design. • Exploratory • Descriptive Exploratory research Design :> Exploratory research, as the name states, intends merely to explore the research questions and does not intend to offer final and conclusive solutions to existing problems. Descriptive research design :> Descriptive research is also called Statistical Research. The main goal of this type of research is to describe the data and characteristics about what is being studied. The idea behind this type of research is to study frequencies, averages, and other statistical calculations. Sample Designing :> After defining the problem . Do work on research design and determine how to collect the data. The next step is to decide who should be survey (sample u need), how many and how they should be chosen. 1. Probability Samples 2. NON probability samples Probability sampling :> with the probability sampling each member of the population has some know chance being included chances is representative of the population .The most basic probability sample is simple random sample. Some time researcher use a systematic sampling to select number of population in which they select the “9th” number of…

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  • Exploratory Research In Social Media

    Research methods are a broad term. While methods of data collection and data analysis represent the core of research methods, the focus of the research is to collect data that can test both dependent and independent variables (Cresswell, 2008). The nature of the dependent variable (social media) in the hypothesis dictates the methodology and design for this perspective study. Therefore, the researcher is proposing an exploratory research to fully expose the potential and conceptual distinctions…

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  • Exploratory Research Limitations Essay

    Limitations within the Various Studies There are limitations within each study, especially when a topic has not been examined to the extent that other have. Much of the research that has been published is exploratory until further studies have been conducted. Exploratory research is important because it allows the researches to learn as much as they can about a particular topic to allow them to make hypotheses and allows them to set up their studies in a manner logical for the topic at hand.…

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  • Carter V. Canada Case Study

    To answer this research question, this paper will be looking specifically at the causal factors which the patient factors in when they elect not to file a claim against their negligent doctor. To find these casual factors, the research will first study and analyze the literature review to help define the terms with incorporating ideals from Stein’s theory (2012). Then I will construct an exploratory qualitative style research and one-on-one interview to provide further explanation for why people…

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  • Dehydration In Older Adults: A Literature Review

    Furthermore, the literature supports how the adults with cognitive impairment have increased problems with dehydration than those without cognitive impairment. There is no information on how dehydration further affects cognitive impairment and frailty during their course of hospitalization. The purpose of an exploratory design to gain “insights and familiarity for later investigation or undertaken when problems are in a preliminary stage of investigation” (Lynn University, 2013, para.…

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  • Exploratory Research Papers

    The following exploratory issues will be addressed within this research: 1). History / research of airport / aerotropolis development best practices – relationship / correlation to urban spatial development / distribution & current / anticipated land use around similar / comparable airports; 2). Study positive and negative airport / aerotropolis community / economic causes & effects (i.e. socio-demographics, land-use, etc.); 3). Long - term sustainable development(s) / environmental…

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  • Exploratory Research Paper

    Introduction This essay will review and critique the study Occupational Hazards among Cooks in Commercial Kitchens conducted by Bindu and Reddy (2013). It will summarise the key findings, discuss the occupational hazards and health issues studied. It will analyse a similar study with a New Zealand context and propose a study design for further research. Finally, this essay will provide lessons for future research and planning in occupational health. Summary of key points: This study aimed to…

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  • Exploratory Research Proposal Topics

    Introduction Marriages tend to be depicted as a magical and the perfect stage of a person’s life. However, marriage is not always a positive experience in real life. There are some factors that can change that magical dream of being happily married to an unhappy transition of a person’s life. One significant factor is the occurrence of extramarital affairs, or having sexual relationships with other people outside of the marriage. I am interested in conducting exploratory research about this…

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  • Garcia Case Study

    results of the studies should be recognized as strong direction for Garcia when designing the stages of research process for his company. The flaws Garcia studies in the four studies allows for correction in pursuit of a correct market…

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  • Educational Research Design

    Before publishing, educational research must undergo a careful review from every angle. Analyzing the article thoroughly for validity and the ability to be replicated is an important process to ensure the reliability of the research content. Researchers have created guidelines to assist in evaluating educational researcher that covers to following; Identifying the research question, research design must match research question, examining how the study was conducted, finally detecting rival…

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