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  • Ethical Issues In Education

    the world of higher education today, the education profession is vested by the public with a trust and responsibility requiring the highest ideals of professionalism. Therefore, the university or college professor accepts both the public trust and the responsibilities to practice the profession according to the highest possible degree of ethical conduct and standards. Consequently, professors must develop a keen awareness and sensitivity to a variety of dilemmas and circumstances they may encounter in their daily contact with students. After reading the Young v. Bella case, as a future professor, I had a lot of thoughts on how the University and its employees had failed in their obligation to Wanda Young. Young was a university student taking…

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  • Poverty Issues In Education

    Poverty concerns have affected my profession and my educational institution. Our school is approximately sixty percent free and reduced lunch, which under the guidelines of poverty, that means sixty percent of our students come from homes where they are not able to adequately feed their children. I truly feel where I teach is in the throngs of poverty. Poverty issues have affected my career and my school; therefore, poverty has affected my students’ learning in a tremendous fashion. This is a…

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  • Issues In Higher Education

    don’t really know what goes into the funding that is necessary for Student Equity and the outcomes this may bring if both issues are not thoroughly looked into. Maintaining certain requirements on both will make all the difference. There are many issues but maintaining both and by making sure that these issues are efficient as can be. The issues with higher education is that the students are first generation students, these students are coming from poverty, and need academic support. The gaps…

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  • Issues In Special Education

    In a world in where unstable economy and indecisive times are adults’ main concern, issues as providing special education children with a proper education does not seem as crucial to most. However, as a special educator it is my duty to voice concerns about the major issues that special education is facing at this time. Our schools at any level from the classroom setting to school’s districts face many crucial concerns such as lack of parental and public support, amount of paperwork,…

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  • Ethical Issues In Higher Education

    It stimulated my reflection on the meaning and purpose of university education, which are the major focus of the course. After completing the course, I think I have achieved the course objectives to a large extent. 2. Evaluating engagement in the course Since I am not proficient in English, the required article reading was a difficult task to me. I spent a large amount of time in comprehending the passages before class. When we were in class sharing opinions about the articles, I was engaged…

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  • Controversial Issues In Multicultural Education

    Multicultural Education occurs when education, values diversity; which, includes a variety of cultural groups. When dealing with Multicultural education you encounter controversial issues. The issue could be cultural uniqueness, religion, beliefs, language and customs. However these cultural issues can be taught to all students. An issue centered education will help a child understand other culture’s values, while making sure it involves equality and social justice. Also while insuring all…

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  • Cultural Issues In Higher Education

    process on the right track. According to Campos, Mendes, Silva and Valle (2014), leadership, factual knowledge of current quality culture and management of critical success factors are the main elements of the cultural change process. The culture of the university reflects the genetic environment of the universities, which is not documented, although there are fixed regulations and rules (Todorut, 2013). In Oman, all the regulations of the Omani HEIs are designed by the Ministry of Higher…

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  • Issues In Latin American Education

    1750 characters As a graduate student, I would like to conduct research on the disparities between the objectives of education policies and the actual outcomes of such policies in developing nations. The region of focus for my investigation would be Latin America. This research will allow me to identify the possible errors in the implementation process, or inadequacies of the policies to address issues in education. The knowledge gain will allowed me to make policy recommendations or design…

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  • Essay On Issues Affecting Public Education

    The most pressing issue affecting public education today is the lack of funding. Unfortunately, funding dictates the majority of decisions that are made in education. Through funding, students can explore many potential career paths through a wide-offering of courses. Providing our students with proper materials and a safe, comfortable place to learn is highly linked to student success. Retaining and recruiting highly qualified teachers is a main focus of budgets at the local, state, and…

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  • Current Issues In Special Education

    If this is not done with respect, compassion, and understanding, then there may be legal consequences. Laws in the 1960’s for special education started changing, and marked the beginning of special education in the United States (Hardman, Drew, & Egan, 2013). However, much changed over the years, laws were added and changed to help in the struggle for a fair and appropriate education for those with special needs. In the 1970’s the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) gave hope to…

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